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Would you buy same gear again. In different color?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sayonade2K, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Ive got a dainese santa monica jacket in black, Spent a good $1k on it start of year but the white one has always stuck with me in my head, been wanting to get an entire new ridiing gear set in white to contrast my black gsxr. But dont know if i can justify spending another $1k on essentially the same jacket.
    Would anyone buy the same jacket in a different color?

  2. ill buy your black jacket off you for $200, if you want some money to help pay off for the wihte one, and justify the need for a new one coz u dont have any jacket :p
  3. I got an A* stunt leather jacket in black with red & white. the white looks shithouse after 18 months of riding.

    From now on it's black on black for me!

    Use your helmet for colour co-ordination, although my next helmet will be black as well. fashion ages pretty quickly but the new black is always black. :cool: :cool:
  4. Vanity, yes all is vanity...
  5. I'd buy any gear that I'm happy with in a different colour :grin:
  6. I'd love to buy a blue jacket to go with my new bike, but I'd prefer to go for a different style for variety. Don't have the money anyway!
  7. I'd like to get my rain gear in any colour other than black, because how stupid is it to make a garment that will be used ONLY in low-visibility conditions black?!? Unfortunately it seems to be the most common colour, it was the only one they had when I was in the shop, and actually it is the only one they ever seem to have whenever I drop by. I've seen them in brighter colours in the catalogues, but never on the shelves...
  8. I'd stick with the black. It's definitely the best colour for riding gear and white will look crap in a few months time. Black gear on a black bike also looks much cooler :cool:
  9. The problem with getting coloured gear is you cant really wear it on a different colour bike without looking kinda odd. Black, grey, white and chrome.
  10. id buy the same gear in a different colour if i was happy with it, i want the santa monica in red :grin:
  11. I must be getting old (and maybe slightly more sensible) as I wouldn't buy a black jacket anymore as they aren't visible enough.

    Coloured ones mustn't be selling though because its harder than u think to buy a decent coloured one - plenty of beautiful black ones that I would have bought if they had a coloured version, but still looking (textile)
  12. get a black one with scotchlight bits on it (the shiny stuff)
  13. Yes, absolutely.. :grin: Can never have too much gear i say, even if it is the same but different colours.. :twisted: