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Would you buy a netrider polo top ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cnstr, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. yes

  2. maybe- depends on design

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  3. no

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  1. Transfered from General Discussion thread.

  2. Still reckon a long-sleeved T-Shirt would be the go...
  3. So Ed your saying we now need another poll on polo or long sleeve T shirt?
  4. woo hoo- A properly put up survey! Thanks.
  5. Think one at a time will do! :D
  6. But if you want to put one up, I'll vote in it!
  7. Hey guys, here's a thought...........
    How about both..... The T shirt on the bike and the Polo shirt when out strutting ones stuff !!
    or even a collared Chambray shirt for those more "offical" functions that require a collar.
    All with the Netrider logo embroided over the left chest part of the shirt.
    For $90.00 you would have a complete wardrobe !!
  8. Maybe a handbag , would be better than a tshirt :)

    seems it would suit most bikes on here : :LOL:
  9. If we had T-Shirts, we could have the odd wet t-shirt contest at Southbank on Friday nights.
    Sure to increase attendance! :LOL:
  10. We'd need to get some women that people would want to see in a wet t-shirt comp though.
    Wonder if there'd be any takers on the night :)
  11. Geez, careful, Cnstr. Thought my post was risky enuf! :LOL:
  12. Hey cnstr, Groberts want's his keyboard back !!

    "Would you but a netrider polo top ?"

  13. Most bikes here are "handbags" ! :p
  14. If it was big nuff to fit over my butt
  15. I haven't decided to do them yet. If I were to do them they would be black with a black/white check collar and sleeve cuffs. Netrider logo on the left breast. They are a good quality polo top so we are looking at $42 posted. There, that should put enough people off the idea :)
  16. Any extra for rent-a-tent sizing?
  17. Did you place an order for a cap?
    I have a heap of them sitting here and I just checked the orders database and can't see your order anywhere.
  18. nah i didnt place an order i told you ages ago to bring me one and you said no probs and well i've seen you hmmm several times since then and no cap. Tis kewl i just put it down to bike envy, us Across owners get used to that :LOL:
  19. I dont get to coffee nights much, I work every friday night.
    Memory, its as good as a.........as a.........hmmmmm, can't remember.
  20. Sounds pretty reasonable kitzo at $42 including postage.

    I'd still get one.