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would you buy a display model helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by clinks, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. found a helmet i liked on sale but the only one left was the display one on the shelf left (naturally)...

    is it safe to buy? considering it may have been dropped in the course of being tried on by hundreds of people?

    also, what exactly is the "correct" fit for a helmet? is it meant to be almost uncomfortably tight when you first put it on so that once the padding is compressed it will be a better fit? I was told that it should be tight around the mouth but you shouldn't feel any pressure around the crown of your head, does that mean the padding around the top of your head never compresses?
  2. A few things for you to consider whils trying on helmets;

    1 Fit. it needs to be snug but not too tight, otherwise you will get a headache. Uncomfortable tight is too tight, the very top you should feel but not as tight as the sides. If not, try another helmet. Try lots, and you will recognise the one that fits best.

    2 Visibility. You will find some offer more visibility than others - because of the size of the visor and the shape of your head. Compare them, and take note of which gives you the most vision.

    3 Ventilation. It's important IMO, but the more vents generally the noisier it is at speed.

    4 Weight. This is very important, feel them and get a light one, you'll be happy you did.

    5 Color / pattern. Get one that you like, if one's not there find another shop.

    6 Noise. Unfortunately they don't let you test ride them, so you need to do some online research for this

    7 Fogging. Same as point 6 ... I'd shy away from Shoei for this reason, but some will surely disagree.

    Regarding the display helmet, have a good look for any damage or touch-up paint. If it's had a hit hard enough to compromise it's strenght you will see it, otherwise it's fine. I'd have no problem buying a display helmet, but I'd be asking for a good discount because of it :grin:
  3. Yes, I did buy a display helmet! Arai Condor already 400 down from 650 for being discontinued, found a scratch and got another 100 knocked off ;) I try not to think about what might have happened to it
  4. lol what kind of scratch?

    i'm actually after the exact same helmet, 400 down from 650 seemed like a great price but they only have the "small" display left, i managed to squeeze my medium head into it but it seemed a little tight

    i inspected the helmet thoroughly and it didnt find anything that would indicate its been impacted before but you just never know... its not like the shop throws displays away because they've been dropped right?
  5. Even IF it has been dropped, it's still fine mate, I have heard people say that once dropped it's useless but that's bull$hit. Anyhow a new one could have been dropped too .... less likely to, sure, but don't think that your safety is relying on "I hope this helmet has never been dropped..."
  6. I wouldn't hesitate buying a display helmet.
    Just have a good look for evidence of it being dropped or scratches etc..
    then bargain em down. I doubt if a drop from 5-6ft inside the shop would render the lid 'useless'.
  7. Yep AGV GP GPR down from $700 to $350! save lots.
  8. yep. shark rsr2. down from $600 to $400. couldn't afford it normally.
  9. hmm well i went with the poll and bought it, i guess if it had been dropped hard enough to render it's usefulness in question the shop wouldn't be allowed to sell it under their duty of care...

    it was abit tight but i took it for a test ride and it wasn't uncomfortable, didnt leave any marks after about 15 minutes so i guess it'll be even better fit once the foam wears in a little.

    thanks guys =]
  10. i used to wear the Arai Condor, fitted like a dream, except a lil too much prressure on my forehead.

    some similar fitting helmets IMO:
    Arai Vector (this superceded the Condor)
    Arai Profile (model up)
    Shoei X-Eleven (shame its like $1200 :shock: was so comfy)
  11. Shark RSX, down from whatever it was for $240! Great helmet, really like Sharks! My next one will be a Shark too, preferably "display"! :LOL:
  12. Where I work, all the helmets are display helmets as per such. They're brought in, taken out of box and put on shelf for sale.
  13. really? what generally happens if someone drops it in the course of trying it on?
  14. never happens. :wink:

    Seriously 3 feet onto carpet, WTF damage is that going to cause? If it worries ya that much buy one from a selaed box.