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would you buy a 750cc across :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cnstr, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. yes - would be a laugh

  2. yes- already have the 250

    0 vote(s)
  3. HELL NO

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  1. it had to be asked :p

  2. :?: did it really :wink:
  3. yup.
    so much talk about handbags, 'bout time they were put into perspective :LOL:
  4. A "full" sized handbag, bizzare thought !!!! :LOL: 8)
  5. lots of demand but! :LOL:
  6. Oh, It's one of those things !!!
    Everybody knows where it is,
    but nobody admits to ever having been there !!!!!
  7. you mean like glen's place :)
    or using more than 2nd gear on a 600cc plus bike :LOL:
  8. Two votes for yes - how did groberts vote twice? :LOL:
  9. prolly glen and kitzo :)
  10. I didn't know Kitzo was partial to handbags ! :p
  11. kinda like having a car, but not. Since kitzo's selling the bike, it'd be a good transition machine :LOL:
  12. Like having a car that leaks when it rains, and the heater doesn't work. :LOL:
  13. but, you can always do a hitman and install heaed grips for early winter mornings, and the cd stacker for thos nice weekend jaunts in the countryside :LOL:
  14. With an ashtray ??
  15. and a boot dont forget
  16. I thought they already made it - GSXF750. It's got a real fuel tank and engine in it, so no room for the boot :LOL: :p
  17. 2+3: YES
    18: NO

    I think there is a point in there for all of us....
  18. i actually thought the Across was a 750 with all that power and handling ability they have :lol

  19. Dream on ! :p

  20. Thats 750 mls I take it