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Would you be faster on a track with a car?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by POPEYE, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. I just bought the logitech g27 steering wheel with 6 speed shifter, pedals, & steering wheel PS3 & Gran Turismo 5

    wow so cool feels like driving, I am a car racing newb & a track bike new (6x track days at EC 5x on a 250 & 1x on a 600).

    so been playing time trial with a suzuki swift at Laguna Seca & managed a time of under 2 minutes in manual with clutch mode in about a couple of hours of playing, ok ok i know its not real, but it aint easy either.

    Then it got me thinking, could i manage that time on a bike? well i am a track newb

    i was timed (real life) 2.10 at EC old track on my 250 (i know not great)

    & saw videos of people doing 2.00 on a Golf GTI

    now i am sure i could get close to that in my Golf within a couple of hours of practice...but I am sure it would take alot more track days to get close on the 250

    So would you be faster on the track in your car than on your bike?

  2. I'm a nanna bike rider, but a very quick car driver.
  3. My car is a 1.6, and the bike a 600, so hell no. But the car does corner bloody well.
  4. Car or bike the biggest limitation is usually fear. A few car shows have done the "set a lap time on a computer game - then set one in the same car in real life" thing. Usually people get nowhere near their virtual time in real life for the simple reason that they're braking earlier, leaving more gap between the car and walls, and find the controls somewhat more difficult when subjected to the various g-forces and suspension bumps.

    Professional race drivers set very similar times in reality and simulation, because they're mental.
    Edit: So whichever one you're less afraid of crashing is what you'll be the fastest with. For most people that's a car.
  5. i would have to go with yes because on a bike if you **** up your going to hurt your self but in a car your not always so it pretty much boils down to fear
  6. All things being equal, e.g. you have the same approximate skill in a car as on a bike. On a bike you'd be quicker on long straight/sweeping curve tracks and quicker in a car on tight short tracks.
    Regardless of that I will always be quicker in a car because I ride a 350Kg/1800cc bus, plus I don't care if I trash a car.
  7. I reckon you'd find most normal people would lap quicker in a car.
  8. I would say it depends on what car/bike combination. My race bike VFR400 vs EL Fairmont family sedan, I'd say bike would win quite easily...even though the EL has been modified. The Across vs EL Fairmont...car probably wins.

    As mentioned before though, it boils down to fear. If there is a fail safe, people don't push as hard and think differently, if your life is on the line...totally different mindset.
  9. It's a bit like thinking you would make a good soldier because you score well in Call of Duty.
  10. Better tell the US military that. They actually use it as a training tool.

    There is a definite link between accurate simulation and real world ability, just look at how much airlines spend on flight simulators. The link between driving games and real life has also been more than proven:
  11. Don't have a car atm but if I had any of my previous cars, most likely yes.
    I don't care about lap times on a bike though.
    Leaning through a corner is fun, I don't really like the straights on a bike.
  12. +1

    the game with full steering wheel, pedal, shifter set up has really made me realize how difficult & fun it really is

    It seems like there is a much greater learning curve on a bike (or maybe its just a greater fear factor)

    for example the lap time difference between f1 drivers & celebrity amateurs on Top Gears test track is only about 2 sec

    Imagine the difference between Motogp riders & amateur riders if they did it on bikes...i bet it would be much greater
  13. Bit of difference between a full cockpit flight simulator and a force feedback steering wheel though.

    I would also say that people with natural ability when it comes to driving would do better at Gran Turismo than someone not.
  14. Having seen car v bike on a track a few times, from what I've seen the car wins every time.
  15. I know the US Army were using that Full Spectrum Warrior thingo, but I can't imagine COD having much training value for soldiers. What are they going to learn? How to run around like an idiot and spray SMG fire everywhere?


    Clarkson did a piece on Top Gear on this a while back, he couldn't match his Gran Turismo time on Laguna Seca in real life, he reckoned (as some already said) the difference was that in real life there is fear.
  16. True. But plenty of people have used Microsoft Flight Sim and similar programs on home computers to make it easier to get a private pilots licence. It's an effective way of learning theory and technique, even if it doesn't completely replicate all the physical sensations of flying.

    Same goes for cars. "Natural ability" is a load of bollocks when it comes to something as unnatural as driving. Ultimately what is required to be a good race driver (or rider) is the ability to focus and perform repetitive tasks as precisely as possible. The whole point of the GT Academy was to prove that this could be developed through using a game just as well as through hundreds of hours of driving laps around a real circuit. Give their results I'd say they've succeeded in proving this reasonably well, though obviously there's still a few things that can only be learned on a real track (like dealing with other drivers).
  17. Yeah I agree.................and skills and balls on either one.

    Im sure I can easily beat my ZX6R on a track like eastern creek, if I was on my TT300zx, coilovers does wonders to handling :)..............but thats only over one or two laps, after that my car would have fried its brakes, tyres, leaking coolant like a MOFO and vac hoses popping out all over the place lol..........
  18. If the army used HALO (as in Master Chief John 117 fame) to determine who would be a good soldier....................the Aust Defence force would be over run by pimply faced, chubby, cellar dwelling geeks :).
  19. This is actually from something against the use of war for entertainment, but certainly confirms that COD is being used for training in the field (lot easier to transport an Xbox than the more advanced simulator systems).