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Would you be a vampire.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Liq, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. H'ooookay. So. I was watching a certain modern lame attempt at a vampire movie recently (clue : diamondboy fagsparkles) .

    The lead character spent 9/10ths of the movie pretending she wasnt scared of the big bad vampires, but did not want to be bitten by them.

    Seriously, what the fcuk? If an immortal vampire lord that could fly offered to share that kind of power with me, i'd be offering up my quivering virgin throat in about 0.5 seconds. I like my steaks bloody anyway, and anyone who's played any kind of real sport already knows what blood tastes like.

    thoughts? Would you stay ... human?
  2. www.netvampire.net.au/forums

    on there it would be like

    Q: ...would you become a vampire?

    A:do a search n00b...its been covered a thousand times....and yes we would all become vampires
  3. Well, not to get all theological, but if you believe in the Judeo-Christian mythology and vampire lore, then becoming a vamp means you give up your soul and become evil.

    Non Judeo-Christian vamps kinda ignore the whole soul issue and you have more leeway there.

    Then there's the whole issue of being a good vampire and only killing bad guys, or being a vampire means you don't care any more and people are just cattle. Then that leads to the issue of evil - does not caring about humans any more make you any more evil than a human that eats beef?

    I could go on. I've been a speculative fiction writer for too long...
  4. You need a third poll option - Depends.

  5. on what. Where you have to be bitten?
  6. Only if I don't have to give up garlic.
  7. Hmm,

    -Some things won't kill you
    -You can turn into a bat

    -You can now be killed by sunlight
    -You have to keep finding new ways to drink people's blood (the "hey look over there" line would only work so long)
    -Goths all want to be your friend

    No thanks
  8. I was going to say! :LOL:

    Yeah, it very much depends on which interpretation of vampire-ness you like best. WhiteWolf's old World of Darkness had probably the most 'nice' vampirism; a bit of a curse in exchange for phenominal cosmic power.

    Werewolves are much cooler. ;)
    (But then, that depends on which interpretation of that mythology you like, too...)
  9. given this is a ridiculous topic.

    No. becoming the undead means no pulse. no pulse means no blood flow. no blood flow means no stiffys. you want to go an eternity without sex. no thanks.

    ahh hec while im at it.

    given that vampirism is so varied in what is reportedly true, how do you know exactly what your in for. Sort of like islam and some interpretations talk about 72 virgins other talk about 72 sultanas. big differance. and as pointed out in Akhmed the Dead Terrorist (see youtube), no one ever said what type of virgins. they could all be ugly blokes!.

    yes as you can tell im bored.
  10. Twilight is the gayest movie on the planet and i wish the author would get shot repeatedly by copies of her book and film till she understands just how much my life became a living hell after having to hear about "Edward" for the next three months! :evil:

    Truly he is the most homosexual vampire on the planet. What kind of a movie trades a sex scene for a "loving talk" montage!!!?????

    The writer is more sick and twisted than any other author of vampire fiction on the planet.

    I vomited in my mouth when they skipped on the only part of the movie that was mildy exciting!!!!

    Like can you imagine my dissapointment as there's like the whole lead up then THEY START TALKING!!!!!!!! AARRRGHGHHGHH!

    Worst movie ever! fcuk vampires and fcuk that retarded movie!
  11. Come on, be honest. Tell us what you really think.
  12. No, depends on what type of vampire you're talking about.
  13. #13 Mickyb V9, Feb 16, 2009
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    I have not seen the movie and not intending to. . .
    Is it as gay as Indian Jones 4 and Transporter 3 ???

    Geeez, Transporter 3 was a real disappointment !

    Now get this, there is a Crank 2 !!!!
    After he falls out of a helicopter in Crank, he survives and is given an artificial heart transplant. And then he runs around beating everyone up to get his heart back !! . . . . total gayness !!
  14. No....I don't even like my steak too rare. !!!
  15. Crank 2 looks hell funny, and as I liked Crank 1, hell yeah, bring it on, but as for the vampire thing, not unless I was an ass kickin one like Underworld (lol).
  16. no, the whole idea sucks
  17. Bugger you MG - you made me just spit my drink everywhere :rofl:
  18. citymorgue2 i guess you may have insider knowledge of this but what happened to rigor mortis?

    and twilight was the 2nd worst movie ive seen in years. thankfully we got a refund on that one but i will never get that hour of my life back.

    its terribleness is second only to that horrible tom cruise movie valkyrie. 3 hours of my life wasted forever on that one!
  19. I reckon the reality of immortality would get pretty old pretty quick. Most vampire fiction I've read, they just seem to be bored with it all after a while.