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Would u buy or 2 good 2b true

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. I have been looking for a bike for a mate coming from O.S. at xmas time.Just checked out an FJ1100.No reg, no RWC, but was RWC 1 year ago, disc rotors fine, no leaks, rides smooth, motor and running gears in good nick, vehicles securites register checks out fine, not written off, no finance, bloke seems straight up, older guy.
    Bikes been dropped and scratches and dents all over but nothing major. Rides straight and I cant really fault it mechanically.But 2 things bother me

    1)I get there and it has 20 odd thousand less kms on the clock than what he had advertised.

    2)After riding it and sussing it,gauging him and the bike, I ask him how much? and he says a few hundred less than what he had it advertised for, which was already a pretty good price for an FJ1100.

    Now I aint no dunda head ](*,) , and I didnt come down in the last shower :lastyear: , but I think the guys straight up and he's selling for his own reasons best known to himself, when I asked him why he wanted to sell :?: he pretty much gave me a well thats my business answer and absolutely no specifics, but it all just strikes me as little weird :? in 20 years of riding and buying bikes and cars. I have never come across this situation.

    Any thoughts? :-k
  2. He might have changed the speedo and actually is being honest with you. It happens. Ask.

    Maybe the price he has given you face to face is his firm price?
  3. :shock: Was it an advertising error ? Did you query this the advertiser or the seller ? Can you contact a previous owner to verify previous km's ? This I would certainly be digging into a lot deeper ASAP to get the answers.

    Did you ask him why or did you point out some faults/problems to make him feel a price drop was necessary ? His advertised price could have been inflated so therefore gave you his "negotiable" offer.

    I would be doing alot more research before even considering to make an offer or buy so then you know what is and isnt fact. Is also concerning that you are relating to a RWC that was done a year or so ago, isnt there anything more current for reference?

    :idea: You could also check with the regular or last place of service for their record of last service date and km's on the clock etc and whether they deemed the bike to pass a roadworthy or what repairs/faults where needed or found etc.
  4. Just my own thing, but for what it's worth, the moment I get the little alarm bells going off warning me that something might be wrong, I walk away.

    The "that's my business" would have seen me out of there right away.

    How urgent is your purchase? I'd be waiting for another bike, I think. If your gut feel says that all is not quite right, then you're probably right, and ought to let the bike go.

  5. Yeah but thats the prob,my guts telling me that theres nothing wrong,and he just needs to sell for his own reasons.
    I ALWAYS go with my gut, on everything,bastads only lied to me once, that time I decided to eat indian instead of Chinese and got food poisoning, result, rooling round floor, laughing in pain :rofl:
    Seriously though it seems straight up.RWC as mentioned is bigest gamble.
  6. movin -

    My gut ALWAYS says Indian. And vindaloo, at that. Damn...now you've got me going. Is Indian okay for Sunday dinner? Might have to whip up a quick curry.....

    Oh, and seriously, all the best with the bike my friend.

  7. OK, here's my experience..

    I'm a firm believer of the "walk away" option too if anything seems a little out of the ordinary.

    I looked at a 2-3 year old R1 a few years ago with SUPER low (approx 1000) kays on it from some dudes back shed. It was mint cond but was unrego'd. The guy was giving me all sorts of stories about how he needs the money cos his uncle had recently passed away on the phone then a few days later, telling me he wants the cash for a car that he's importing.... I'm like OK, doesn't sound too convincing, and the dude seemed a tad unreliable, (not at home when I came to view the bike etc) I ask him for the paper work as he claims that he was the original owner and he tells me he left it at his Mum's house?? So now I'm really starting to wonder whats going on. Even my mates that I took as a second and third set of eyes checking over the bike commented on the guys apparent lack of integrity..
    (I really can't paint enough of a bad picture here guys, the whole thing felt suss)

    But, In the end he did leave the paperwork at his mums place he had all the original proof of purchase, grren slip and past rego papers etc.
    I was extremely pedantic with all checks on the bike and cross referencing all details on the bike with the paperwork etc.

    Turned out to be a sweet near new bike that I got for a song!

    And I was soooo close to giving it a miss right from the get go...
  8. I reckon give it a miss Ken.

    ...Mainly because those FJs are too much of a boat for you!
  9. :rofl: aye aye captain,Loz you crack me up,your a man of leisure at the moment,go take a look of the starboard bow,suss it for yersel,sung to the tune of "the love boat"
    you'll luuUUv the bike,
    soon you'll be taking anuuUUther run,
    you'll luuUUv the bike,
    climb abourd and have suuUUm fun
    Set a course for adventure,
    Your mind on a new romance
  10. I would also be saying "be very careful" if your spidey-sense is tingling...

    It's a pretty unusual situation so what could be happening here, and what are the potential dangers?

    You've checked the securities register, so it's not a writeoff or under finance. If you buy it, you won't find the repo man wheeling it away one morning.

    Has it been stolen? How long has this bloke owned it, what's the paperwork like and how far does it go back?

    What are the chances that it has some dire mechanical problem that isn't apparent during a testride and once-over?

    How long has he been trying to sell it? Maybe he's dropped the price because he can't offload the bike and isn't the sort of guy to muck around once he sees a genuine buyer rock up?

    The different mileage is odd. Did you ask him the reason for that? I reckon he might have wound the clock back and hasn't re-advertised the bike at the lower mileage figure yet...

    Ultimately, if the guy selling the bike can be confirmed as the owner and the price is reasonable for the bike's condition (as far as you can ascertain it, and whatever the actual mileage figure might be), then there's probably not too much danger in buying it.

    But there's something odd happening, that's for sure. Buyer beware, methinks.
  11. Ya goose, what I meant is that those bikes are pretty big and heavy.

    Anyway, I now realise it's for your mate not yourself. In which case, it's an excellent choice as it will increase your chances of being able to carve the mofo up. Game on!
  12. Loz,pffft,Im insulted [-( you reckon Im gonna downgrade to a 1100, from the awesome power :shock: and dont forget the handling \:D/ of a 1200 Bandit :grin:
    only soffcog wannabe's Honda riders :biker: ,such as ya goodsel :grin: ride below below 1200cc :jerk: :rofl: sorry dude,Im just in one of those moods.
  13. I Bought it,picked it up yesterday,rode it bck from Geelong,didnt miss a beat,purred along,passed RWC :dance: whats more it didnt need a thing,not even a light globe :grin: Vic roads securities register check came up trumps,not written off,etcetc.Me very happy,TWAS A BARGAIN :woot: Music to a scottsman ears
  14. Nice stuff
    Had a very simial experiance though mine might have been stolen, so did the RTA but it passed a special ID inspection in the end guy seemed dogey aswell.