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Would really like some help from some experinced riders.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone, ive just got my licence and am still tossing up between what kind of bike to get.
    I live in australia and only want to spend around $2000 for a second hand bike, cant go higher than a 250cc for 9months.

    Any ideas about a nice bike that is reliable?
    My thoughts are around a YAMAHA SRX250, Susuki RG or GSXR, or a KAWASAKI GPX.

    Or of course the old Honda CB.

    Any help here would be much appreciated.

  2. Just realised this was an aussie forum. Sorry people. I live in SA. That makes things easier.
  3. For that sort of price you can't go past Kwaka GPX250 great little bikes. You might get an old ZZR250 but you might be pushin it to get a decent Across for that money.
  4. So does SA mean South Africa not South Australia
  5. South America
    or San Andreas (As in GTA)

    GPX is the best bet dude
  6. Cheers rascus. would a gpx be too small for me, im 5'11". They have a lot of good reviews.

    Im south australian. Sorry for all the confusion.

  7. For your budget , i'd go the GPX to . :D
  8. Cheers for all the help fellas. What is it about the GPX that makes it the choice for me? Is it just the price, or are they nice bikes to ride? And how do they go for parts and self-repair?
  9. I would get a CB250, because it would be easy to sell 9 months later, and u won't loose as much money than the other bikes u mentioned
  10. Depends a lot on what sort of riding you are going to do. My CB250 is a reliable workhorse that is an excellent commuter. I travel 60km on a daily basis with longer rides at the weekend. It does lack a bit of poke at the top end but the gearbox and the like is fairly forgiving for the new rider, economy is excellent at 380km/tank before going to reserve.
  11. On a $2k bike you are not losing much whatever you sell it for. Sounds like looks and style aren't your major consideration so find something simple and reliable. You don't want to be spending big $'s fixing a cheap bike.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the advice. Woulld the GPX really lose much value in a 9month period? The CB does sound like a pretty good idea too (380km off a tank!).

    Once again, thanks heaps guys.
  13. For 2 big ones I'd go for an RGV, cheap, cheerful (until it breaks down), smelly and not forgetting.....FAST :)

    Oh, and I like them too ;)
  14. the GPX will lose no more value than a CB. unless you stack or otherwise hurt a 250, there almost no reason why you wont get all your money back at the end of the 9 months with ANY 250. its the same thing for all of them, no 250 holds its value any more than another unless your talking about brand new bikes.

    the GPX is cheap, reliable, fairly quick, comfy, easy to learn on and very economic. they're not raved about because they're not a racey bike, just a good solid commuter with a reasonable amount of punch. quicker and lighter than a CB with about the same tank range (350+kms before reserve). CBs can be had cheaper, but i think a $2k budget may get you a GPX if you hunt around.

    just one thing tho, how much have you got set aside for gear? because thats VERY important. BARE MINIMUM would be around $200 for a new helmet (never second hand), $50 for cheap gloves, $150-$200 for boots and you may be able to get a second hand leather suit or some older cordura gear under the $300-$400 mark if you hunt around.

    biking aint cheap, but you cant go half arsed cos if you stack, you'll regret it BIG TIME :wink:
  15. If you are looking at the $2000 mark no bike will really lose much value beyond that unless you put on some major mileage. So regardless of what you get the depreciation will be about the same.

    I bought a 1988 fzr-2kr for $2000 a few years ago (22 000 k's on it). I had it for 3.5 years with a few minor, no major problems. I can also give you the name and number of a guy who is selling a 1986 rz250 (fast and fun naked 2-stroke and a classic) for about $2000 negotiable (full RWC etc.). Good nic, etc.

    Lots of bikes are out there - just be patient and you will find one for you.
  16. G'day Owen. I'm 5'11" and didn't find the gpx too small when I hired one for a weekend a year or so back.

    When I went shopping for a bike it was on my list.
  17. You guys are a great help. I have put about $900 aside for gear alone.

    I think the GPX has got the most votes from peoplle so far. I will definately have to look out for one in my price range (fingers crossed)
  18. Att: Gromit
    What bike did you end up buying in the end?
  19. im a bit confused people, the GPX250 is NOT the ninja is it?
    Whenever i do a search for the GPX it reffered to as the ninja a lot of the time, i thought the ninja was the 250r...

    Anyone care to clear this up for me? I cant find any stats on the gpx.
  20. they kinda called them both ninjas, i guess it sounds cooler or something :LOL:

    ZXR250/ZX2R and the GPX250 both came with ninja stickers. the GPX is a MUCH cheaper bike and not as quick so i guess they stuck it on to try and make it sound better :?