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Would Like To Buy A Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by polly007, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I would like to buy a bike, even though I have never ridden a manual, just a scooter.

    The bike I would like would only be for around Sydney, inner suburbs really.

    I have done some research and found;

    * 250cc is the best option for me, not too heavy and enough power for the suburbs.

    * I prefer a "cruiser" style. Only because I think its a better style for me, I dont want to be crouched over the bike.

    * Something easy to handle, not a rocket & not really noisey.

    While doing my research I have come across a Virago which seems OK or a Honda Rebel, which I dont like the look of but might be on the list.

    Any suggestions for a bike that would suit my 160cm frame ?
  2. If you're worried about weight and ease of handling then a cruiser is probably not for you.

    Have a look at something like a Honda VTR 250, Yamaha Scorpio, Honda CB/CBF250, etc. instead. Even a Kymco CK125 should be fine if you're not planning on venturing beyond 60/80kph roads.
  3. Thanks JD for your reply & I take onboard your comments, which are from experience.

    I will look at the bikes you suggested. I would just like to say that I like a light cruiser because the seating position really appeals to me. I believe the Virago isnt too heavy.

    My other concern is learning the manual and I dont know if I can so a cheaper second hand bike might be the way to go, if the gear changing isnt for me, I wont lose to many $$'s
  4. The Virago is one of the lighter cruisers but it's not so much about total weight but where the weight is. Cruisers have the weight down low which makes them more stable in a straight line, but also take more effort to corner.

    With a cruiser you are paying a lot of money simply for "the look". If that's what you want then fine, but if not you can save yourself a lot of cash by buying something with a lot less chrome with better handling. The Kymco is only around the $2,000 mark brand new so might work well if you only want something to learn how to use a manual gearbox before moving on to something else. But if you're planning on hitting the highways don't buy anything less than a 250.
  5. Maybe something like a Hyosung GV250? I ride its bigger brother the GV650 and love it.

    Also, is a cruiser really going to be the best option for you in the city? Considered a Naked or a dualsport?
  6. Hi Guys,

    You make some good points. A light cruiser might just suit me.

    The cruiser is not about the look imo its the seating position, I like the feet forward style.

    Can I ask, these bikes with wider rear tyres look to me to be very stable, am I right ?
  7. can i interest you in a cracker ?
    you really should take a look at the little scorpio. very well priced, bullet proof reliable, upright seating, small ergonomics. cheap to insure and maintain, frugal on fuel. propper little bike, even gets a center stand and a back up kick start. what's not to like.
    . would be an ideal first bike, just comming of a small scooter.
  8. Thanks MM, I will google it to see.

    Yes, coming from the scooter is my biggest worry, but maybe with lots of practice I an do it.
  9. Would definitely go a naked rather than a cruiser. They are more upright and comfortable than a sports bike, I am sure you would get used to them quite quickly. I am with JD on the suggestions of the Honda VTR-250, CB-250 or CBF-250. All very very good learner bikes.
  10. going from a scooter to a bike, it'd be a MUCH easier transition to go to a naked bike rather than a cruiser.

    at least scooters are slightly similar seating to naked bikes, cruisers are crazy different.

    also, cruisers handle very poorly when cornering due to weight distribution as mentioned, especially low speed stuff like city riding etc.

    get as mentioned the suggested honda vtr-250, cb-250 or cbf-250.

    couldn't go past them.

    cruisers are built for LONG rides, open long straight roads etc. NOT designed for city riding.
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    One other thing to think about with cruisers is that with your feet forward, any bumps are absorbed with your back. With a naked, you feet are directly under your hips, so bumps are absorbed with your legs. If you really want a cruiser, then go for it, we're all just trying to ensure your decision is an informed one.
  12. May I suggest you check out the new Suzuki 250?
  13. CBF250 or Scorpio would be great light, cheap options in your situation. They are comfy and almost certainly better controlled than a cruiser.

    I'd have also suggested the incoming CBR250, but those other two are cheaper options (and there are used ones around) and maybe better suited for testing the water.
  14. Cr500

    Definitely suits your needs
  15. What new Suzuki is that?
  16. i would have to say vtr, nice and upright with a low seat, great in traffic and on the highway, looks good and is a good quality build, might be a little more pricey but you get what you pay for...
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  18. Actually it's the perfect thing for 50/60kph roads, it's why millions of similar bikes are sold in SE Asia every year. Even 80kph zones are probably doable if you're not in a hurry, but 100kph roads would be near suicidal on something that small (it would probably do more than 100kph but would take far too long to get there).
  19. ^ agree.
  20. Can you drive a manual car? It may come easier to you than you think...