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Would it be wrong?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. To have two of teh exact same make, model and colour cars in teh same household? I am looking at a magna wagon tomorrow, and it's everything I want and has been very well maintained, but it's an identical colour, model etc as the sedan my fiance has?
    She says she'll be a bit irritated if we have two cars the same, I say, used cars, colour is teh last thing you should worry about, but it would look a bit weird in teh driveway!?

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. It's only permissible if you both wear matching cardigans.
  3. Cool, that shouldn't be a problem, she is an accountant! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. as long as the car goes good then i wouldnt even bother about what other people are thinking!!!
  5. Buy the car, if you other half is truly upset when she sees them in the driveway together, then pour a can of paint on hers !! ;) :grin:
  6. If she feels so strongly, sell the sedan and buy her another car. :p
  7. Oh she has no sence of fun.
    Having two identical cars in the driveway would
    give the neighbour hood some novelity factor.

    After all what are the chances?

    Edit: Make note 2 self ... way to many mistakes when replyin @ 06.20 someting in the morning. Have more coffee
  8. No brainer Andrew, one rego and swap plates :LOL:
  9. your buying a Magna??? in dog's name WHY.
  10. Cheap, reliable, cheap for parts and to run, don't attract the atention of teh police or theives, cheap, cheap , cheap. We are talking TR and later models here, first generation magnas are a bit hit and miss. Easy to work on.
    They are about half the price of equivalent Falcodores, and the one we have now has over 200,000kms, and has had nothing go wrong with it apart from normal wear. No rattles, still a nice taut ride.
    The one we have has survived horrendous mistreatment (had 2 litres of oil in it when I first met the fiance) has had a SEVERE overheat episode (boiled ALL the coolant out of the system on a 40 degree day, threw a waterpump belt) and had nothing wrong with it.
    They just have an undeserved reputation.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. and you could hire them out for weddings and make a bob or two on the side.

    On two occasions my twin brother and I have owned identical cars as well :LOL:
  12. You already have a "practical" car in the household... surely this is the opportunity to get something less practical and more fun? Realistically - if its a good buy, dont let the colour or the cardigan factor stop you :wink:
  13. At one time both my wife & I both had identical company cars (working for different organisations). They came via the same leasing company and by coincidence the company orders came throgh the same day. The leasing company saw the same address for both and gave us sequential rego numbers as well... :LOL:

    Two identical commodores with sequential registrations is worse... :roll:
  14. Yeah, fun is cool, had plenty of fun cars. A string of Chargers, a Galaxie with a 7 litre V8, the Daimler. The Daimler is a nice car, but totally impractical for what I need. I have the bike for fun at the moment.
    Our other Magna is getting a bit tired, and the need to do trips has taken it's toll. I like the idea of having two cars of the same make, for maintenence purposes( I do my own maintenence, and then I can keep inventory of parts). Plus, when the old Magna dies, I can cannibalise it!
    Not that it seems likely, only the engine is acting it's age, and a rebore and some pistins will fix that. Bloody bulletproof those 2.6 fours!
    If I start a business (very likely) it would be nice to have a wagon.
    The one I am looking at has had a whole string of wear items replaced (like shocks). So it wil be good for many kms yet I think.
    It's just the whole same coloured cardigans thing! :shock:
    When I get older, a toy car is on the cards, and it will be an XJS V 12.

    Regards, Andrew.