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Would i be in the wrong if......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bambam_101, May 13, 2007.

  1. I smacked some chick who intentionally cut me off then slammed the brakes on to try to get me to rear end her?

    Long story short, was coming up to a slower car and i indicated to change lanes, head checked and started to change lanes. She, the car infront, then indicated and started merging into my lane as i was near her rear quarter panel. No probs, left the indicator on, gave a fistfull and kept going into the next lane as it was free also.

    Few seconds later she comes flying past me, swerves into my lane and jumps on the anchors. I then pulled up beside her on the passenger side and her bf was yelling abuse so i "politely" gestured to pull over and have a chat. Nup, they kept going.

    Now i couldnt care less about the dick i the passenger seat, a swift headbut with the helmet on woulda sorted him out, but man, this biatch made my blood boil. She intentionally endangered me and i wanted to belt her something shocking!! Dont get me wrong, ive never raised my hand to a female, im not that sort of person, but if we had of pulled over, i honestly think i would have. Is this wrong? I dont condone violence but sometimes ytou just wanna smack some sense into people!
  2. insurance would say you were.
    would be an interesting case to pursue.
  3. You had every right to be angry but had you laid a hand on either one then you would have found yourself on charges!

    Your only legal recourse would be to get the rego & report it to the police, who would then do absolutely nothing about it!

    In reality the only thing you can do in that situation is give the offending vehicle & wide berth by either backing right off or out running it. Which could see you speeding & then being fined & losing points while they wander off on their merry but sick way!

    Smoke if you've got them!
  4. Sorry mate, I understand your frustration but I can't condone you hitting a girl (I'm a chauvinistic pig like that), even though she deserves it. [-X

    I have no issue with you taking out a few lights or mirrors for her though. :) :-w

    WTF is wrong with people that makes them think no-one should travel faster than them and that they should violently punish anyone who does? :? I hope her car decides to throw a piston. :cool:
  5. I know legally i would be in the wrong if this situation turned violent but i was more so questioning my morals. I have 4 sisters and if a bloke ever hit one of them, there would be hell to pay. But, just because the driver in this case was a female, does that mean she gets different treatment?

    im sure many of you here have had road incidents where you would have loved to smack the other party.
  6. c'mon seany, he didnt hit a girl. and i reckon had he really wanted to it would have been more than possible.
    frustration in retrospect is a funny thing because there are sooo many times i "coulda fkn killed" so and so, male or female but we all know thats never going to happen. bambam is just venting methinks
  7. Just out of curiousity do you think she's still fuming over this?
  8. I know he's just venting Joel. I also knew full well he'd never have hit her anyway. My tongue is somewhere close to piercing my cheek tonight and it seems to be effecting the way I make my points. :)

    Yep. :)
    All the time. :)

    I'm actually amazed sometimes that I've managed to hold back. :?

    I didn't even smack the bloke who after T-boning me, suggested "it was lucky I was riding a bike cause the damage to a car would have been expensive." :shock: I wanted to punch him but the "cheap" damage to my knee made it kinda hard to stand. :wink:
  9. I dont know if she would still be fuming. As i was beside them haveing words (gestures) with her bf, she looked dead ahead and wouldnt even look in my direction. She knew i wasnt happy and i think she was probably quietly shitting herself.

    Her boyfriend on the other hand, im guessing he would still be fuming. Nothing stirs a bloke up more than the old "youre a tosser" gesture.

    I dont know, i guess if i really wanted to belt her (and him for that matter) i woulda found a way to do it. Was thinking about it the whole way home. She intentionally endangered my life and because she is a female, no repercussions. HAd he been driving, different story me thinks.

    Ok different situation. A girl breaks in to your home. You catch her and she attacks you with a bat or a something. Would you just try to restrain her or fight back? Whats the difference if she is attacking you with a bat or a car?!

    ah i dunno. guess im just venting. I just saw red tonight and now im questioning myself.
  10. I just want to make it clear that in no way shape or form have I ever hit a woman. Im not that type of person. Ive been slapped by girls before (aint love grand!!!) and have never even thought about retaliation. FFS i got 4 sisters and the most theyve ever copped from me is a corkie on the shoulder. :)

    Tonight as i said, i just saw red and then noticed that the driver was a female and at the time i didnt care. It wasnt till after that i then thought WTF? Hence me starting this thread.
  11. It'd be a big and strong girl who I couldn't restrain, so I'd choose that option. I've had worse than bats come at me from teenage students and managed to disarm and retrain them so I'd do the same for a female intruder (I'm trained and practiced with this stuff though so I could fully understand others fighting back). However, for an adult male coming at be with a bat, I'd be fighting back with whatever I could as I'd have far less chance of using restraint safely and would need to be sure I'd taken away his ability to keep attacking me. :)

    The difference when they use a car is that by the time you get a chance to smack someone, the moment of threat has passed. If they've pulled over and got out of the car then you can longer fear they will use it to hurt you. At this point, hitting someone ceases to be self defense and becomes assault. :)
  12. We know that. No-one's accusing you, nor will they. The intention of the post was clear so don't stress about it. :)
  13. Yeah sometimes you never get a good outcome with drivers and it good to just let it out on a forum.

    On another note, riding home today with another NR (still on L's), along maroondah hwy some punk in his little white sedan a P plater (OVR 749). I could see him mucking around with his mates in the car, suddenly he intentionally swerved within his own lane, to try and scare the Learner biker riding in the lane next to him. And they all flick their heads back in laughter

    I'm sure he meant no harm, but actions like that can cause reactions that may have had consequences much worse than intended. Sometimes you just wanna learn them a lesson. Never have I had so much anger for a driver than today. I seriously contemplated mirror removals... but in the end just tailed him for a bit. I also made sure to ride up real close to his driver side window and give him the stare down. I think the tinted visor helps get the message accross nicely. Didn't see too much laughing in the car for the 10 km I followed them from Ringwood to Forest Hill.

    Must practice raising the boot to mirror height, and build that forward stomping motion.
  14. tsk tsk tsk

    All you need to do is say;

    "Im a cop and i'm heading into work right now, expect a fine in the mail"

    Works fcuken wonders ;)
  15. keep a couple of old spark plugs in the top of your riding boots.
    accel past and discreetly toss them over the shoulder at the windscreen. you're guaranteed to cause a bullethole at the least.

    (so I've been told)
    thing is, it's quite plausible to suggest that it's just something that got flicked up off the road.
  16. impersonating a cop, eh.

    i can see that biting someone in the butt.
  17. I've "seen it used" in taxis in order to relieve the driver of his mobile phone addiction.

    It's really quite effective;

    "I'm a cop and because I'm off duty I am just going to warn you rather than charge you. Using your mobile while you are driving is against the law. Since I got into your taxi, you have changed lanes several times without indicating or looking. I would appreciate it if you would end that call now and started concentrating on the road."

    Works a treat.
  18. Whilst moving in front of a car, the driver deliberately tried to run me over. the correct course of action is to report it to the police. (Fortunately I ended up on the bonnet, before rolling to the ground)

    The use of a vehicle in the manner described, is assault. Take a description of the driver, the vehicle number, time and place to the police. If you feel threatened by a deliberate action.

    Those drivers are not fit to hold a licence to drive and need to be removed from the road as soon as possible.
  19. You'd only be in the wrong if she was still conscious enough to get back in the car and drive away after you'd finished with her. I hope her sar is now sans side-mirrors. :twisted:
  20. when situations like this present themselves may i sujest cutting them of then searching through ones tank bag for a screwdriver or simmilar blunt object.

    Which could then be discarded onto their windscreen