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Would Have To Be The Clutch Hand

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dsyfer, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Playing some basketball at lunch today, go for low grab, ball bounces off rock, little finger on the left hand points the wrong way momentarily.

    Hurts for a bit, still bendable, until time to ride 50mins home, fcuking ouch!

    Glove is tight, as finger has now doubled in size around the bottom joint, and every time I had to pull the clutch in (no matter what combo of fingers I tried) would result in awesome pain.

    Heading to the docs in an hour for an xray.

    For the first time ever, not looking forward to the ride to work in the morning, even if it's not broken it's gonna be bloody sore :(
  2. See motorcycling is dangerous! -.^
  3. All I'll say is

  4. He's such a squid
  5. So,its left glove first for a while.
  6. Probably gonna have to be one glove for a bit, or could hack up an old pair.

    Going to try and find some shorty levers tomorrow, or at least a clutch lever, I think I can do a splint with a shorty lever.
  7. Lucky your not left handed.
  8. I've always followed the "change hands at 50" rule, for these exact situations.(y)
  9. 99-im a stayer
  10. Well that makes sense, it's always better to do less reps with larger weights, and more reps with smaller ones. :ROFLMAO:
  11. Well,you know what they say about big hands.
  12. Large gloves?
  13. big hands compensate for small... feet..?

    Sorry to hear about your injury mate
  14. Hello-a foot and hand specialist.
  15. Ice is helping, both on the finger and in the Jack Daniels :wacky: