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Would distance be a deal breaker?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Relax, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. So I've got my Motorcycle opens (yay hoorah etc..) and I want to upgrade from my Ninja 300 (you know the typical story)

    but i live 6hrs west from the nearest Ducati/Triumph/Aprilla/BMW dealership and a few of the bikes these company make I like.

    my question is would being 6hrs away from a dealership be a deal breaker for you?

    I understand some of these bikes have longer service intervals but they seem to be considered by some (not all) as less reliable.

  2. You are not contractually required to use the dealer.

    With the exception of warrantee repairs you will never have to go neat it again.
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  3. I believe the word of warrantee on maintenance is that it is undertaken by 'an approved and authorised mechanic' or some similar expression.

    - boingk
  4. The only issue with Ducati's though ibast is locating a non ducati mechanic who is prepared to work on them. In some areas it's not as easy you might imagine.

    For me I'd say 1.5hrs would be the limit - depending on brand. I mean if I was buying a Japanese bike than I wouldn't really care. But one of the exotic Italian things, I wouldn't want to live to far from a mechanic that knew what he was doing and had access to parts.
  5. That's my exact thought the local Dealers have no problem regarding working on Japanese bikes as I have my 300 serviced there but when I ran it passed them they didn't seem confident with those more exotic brands.
  6. I would be very wary taking a Ducati to anyone not experienced with them. Desmodronic valve-trains are ... a little different to your regular shim-and-bucket Japanese arrangements and if the reports I've read from owners are true things can go horribly wrong in the hands of an inexperienced/careless mechanic. The others ... I haven't heard. If I was going to buy a Duc I'd want the dealer or a known good mechanic no more than an hour away.
  7. The other three brands are no problem. not dissimilar to Japs. If anything more reliable. No problems there.

    Agree you might want to think twice about the duc.
  8. Don't get me wrong, classic Ducati bikes make my pants bulge ... the thought of the maintenance costs, however, has profoundly the opposite effect and makes my wallet feel very ... limp. If I were to OWN an Italian it would be a Guzzi.
  9. If you want to buy a 'Euro' bike and you live 6hrs from a technician that has access to the necessary diagnostic equipment and knows what they're doing, well there's going to be sacrifices you need to consider when buying said bike.

    Weigh it up against the easy way out, ( buy another Jap' bike), and if you're willing to live with the sacrifices then it's worth it to have the bike YOU want. ;)
  10. Never had my bike on any sort of diagnostic equipment. 100Mm now. Self maintained during my ownership. no problems doing so.
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  11. Have you considered many aren't as good as you?
  12. Yea I understand it may mean to travel to someone who can confidently work on my bike but alot of the Euro bikes tend to have 8000km+ service intervals?

    I know Ducati is 12,000kms on some models.
  13. It doesn't really matter what anybody else but you is comfortable with. You're the one that will be living with it, not us, so take our opinions with a grain of salt.
  14. Of course ;) , but if I can do it, there is no reason a local bike mechanic can't do it. It really shouldn't be a consideration on all but the Ducati.

    Still, I'd get a commitment from the local mechanic first.
  15. So I got prices from the nearest Kawa dealership,

    2013 636 non ABS $16,250
    2013 636 ABS $17,250

    Unable to get 2013 ZX10R (I don't like the 2014 paint scheme).
  16. Buy my VTR.

    Hell, I'll even ride it to you.

    - boingk
  17. What are the BMW boxers like? I really like the look of the new R nineT.
  18. If you like washing machines they're great. :D

    Seriously though, the Boxer has been around for some time now and the evolution of that engine never ends so it keeps getting better. But it is unique with two opposing pistons. You need to ride one, it's cool and different. I rode a R1200R a couple of years back when I was having one of those. 'I'm getting old moments', and it was interesting. The new 90T would be a good bike imo because it has a 'normal' front end... for a BMW.

    Servicing is basic on these bikes and quite accessible given that the two cylinders are obtrusively positioned like cactus growing out each side of your bike. :D

    That said, I have little doubt there is more to it 'these days' with servicing the electronics on modern bikes like a late BMW, Ducati. etc., and the basis of your decision to purchase such a bike seems to hinge greatly on your original question.

    Sure there are those of us who do their own servicing/general maintenance and repairs, I do too ibast. The point I was trying to make earlier is, good, sound, ol' school mechanics don't possess the equipment to service these modern electronic monstrosities!
  19. FZ1N
    2014 Z1000
    Ninja 1000 (as in the sports tourer)
    2013/4 zx636
    2014 zx10r

    These are the Japanese bikes on my radar, most as you may notice are nakeds, this is because it makes more sense to own a sporty naked where I live as there are no real twisties in the local area :( but doesn't mean I won't buy one...

    Dorsoduro 750
    Dorsoduro 1200
    Hypermotard 1100 Evo

    These are some of the bikes I've looked into where there are no dealers close by but seem to have little in the way of problems when googled.

    I sort of like the supermoto look but its not be all and end all for me. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

    For me I think a torque low and mid range would be more fun then right out top end power.
  20. So I'm at the sunny coast on holidays and I walked into Motolife to have a look and I was blow away by the bikes in there but only one got my full attention.... The Ducati Panigale 1199 S, god I wish I could take it home with me :/

    Want to test ride a MT-09 but can't help still wanting a super sports bike, preferably one with a good low/mid end torque.

    Also come to realize insurance will be painful...