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Would changing exhaust modify LAMS status?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Latts, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Forgive the ignorant question.

    I'd like to put a different exhaust on a CB125E to make it louder - for safety purposes I'd like to make myself more known in traffic.

    Does something like this cause issues for the LAMS status of the bike - is there a process I need to go through other than just bolting on something new?

    thanks for any comments or advice.

  2. Technicaly yes,
    Changes emissions as well as performance (any alterations to performance are against lams laws)

    But you would have to be a pretty big w*nker to a police officer for them to book you for it. And insurance likely won't care. Its cheaper for them to replace an aftermarket then a genuine muffler.
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  3. Spenaroo is correct. But the cops won't care unless you really fcked up. Had one on my lams bike of 3 years. Whenever I talked to the cops for rbts and such none of them mentioned it so you should be fine. Just keep the original for Rego purposes just incase. Doesn't take long to swap them over.
  4. When I insured my LAMS bike I told them about the aftermarket exhaust.....no dramas.

    Been pulled more than I'd like by coppers.....no dramas.

    Technically speaking the guys above are more than probably right.
  5. Beats getting a ticket, I suppose.
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  6. ROFL.......yeah I'll pay that. :)