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Would-be rider from Melbourne needing advice

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AmazingMonkey, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    I’m newbie to riding and to the site, have to say there’s some fantastic info on here, I’ve been slowly working through it.

    I haven’t ridden a bike in about 15 years, and even then it was just messing around on mates bikes. So I’m looking to get some training, get my L’s, choosing a bike and get all the other gear I need.

    First off I’ve been looking for somewhere to get some training in and around Melbourne. Looking at doing the HART 2 day course, but if anyone has any recommendations of other places to try I'm open to suggestions?

    What do you guys suggest it the best way of improving my skills once I have my L’s? I see there are other courses available but anything else available to try?

    No idea which bike to get yet, looking at a GS500 or CB400, not sure I can justify the extra money for the CB400 though if I only intend to keep it 15 months.

  2. Thanks mate, will take a look
  3. yep, go to Saturday morning practices in Elwood - free (and good) advice offered, and you get to meet other learners and experienced riders, plus be involved in other learner friendly rides.

    Check this thread out. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=115150#.T1RAlofxqZY
  4. Welcome to AmazingMonkey, glad to hear you're taking up riding,
  5. Thanks Anto, that's just what I was looking for.
  6. No worries, hope to see you down at Elwood when you've got your wheels! We are a friendly bunch down there so don't be shy.
  7. Will be down there as soon as I get my wheels and L's.

    Next challenge is working out how to buy a bike when I don't know how to ride or what I'm looking for!!
  8. Welcome to NR and to the world of motorbikes. (y)

    As for getting a bike - a bike you like may not suit you so first get the L's out of the way and then take some for test rides. There are a lot of options so try to sit or ride on as many as you can. You can even drive down to St Kilda Sat Prac and get an idea about the different sorts of bikes. Its a virtual bike shop out there. :)

    Best Of Luck.
  9. Hi, I got my Ls about a month ago and have now done about 1,100 km. I've just booked myself into the HART Dynamic course next month. The main purpose being to ensure that I'm not picking up any bad habits and making sure that what I'm doing is right or to confirm what I think is wrong and what the correct posture/weight positioning should be. Also chance to ask silly questions and have someone observing my riding. Also to pick up any additional skills on offer.

    Also you get to go around their 2km road track lol. Slowly working my way up to the advance road courses and hopefully a track course at a later stage :)

    Hope that helps
  10. I agree with lazy libran, a bike you like to look at may not suit your riding style.
    I love the look of sports bikes but can't get comfy on them.
    I'm much happier on a cruiser.
    But there so many to pick from you will definitely find one you like.
    Go to the shops and sit on as many as you can, go to the learner sessions, talk to the guys down there, they love to help. Its what its all about.
    Welcome too btw
  11. and check the 'Bikes for sale' thead on netrider too..
  12. Thanks all for the advice, much appreciated. I'll get my L's sorted and go from there.
  13. Hi Amazing and welcome to NR