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Would ATGATT have helped? I think so.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hongyi77, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Had a wonderful morning ride with some newbies and when I went out in my car later, was at the roundabout close to my home and saw a cruiser on its side, a guy on the road about 3 metres from the entrance to the roundabout.

    Gathering from the account of the people there, it seems to me that he had entered into the roundabout too fast, the car in front was not going as fast and he clipped the car just in front and went down (lowside). The cruiser looked ok but his left leg was in a lot of pain. He had taken his helmet off, his normal jeans were ripped open at the fly, he was wearing ankle socks and sneakers, gloves (knitted work gloves) were taken off and he was in a t-shirt under a long-sleeved hoodie. Most of the pain appears to be on his ankle, and his leg didn't look broken, but the amount of pain can suggest something else?

    A fire-truck happened to be on the scene, so I didn't think I could help anymore and got out of the way of the traffic.

    On my short trip back home from the scene, I thought to myself, would ATGATT have helped? Then there was a guy on a Aprilia sports bike (nice one too) in almost ATGATT but no gloves. I know I do ATGATT but I think everyone can make their own decisions, I don't want to shove my beliefs down anyone's throat.

    To me, boots with ankle protection is so important and I have recently started wearing knee armour under my kevlar jeans (suprisingly comfy) after dropping my bike and knocking my knee on the ground. Flesh may be intact but joints can still shatter. Definitely will be wearing my leather pants on future rides too (even though the hip pads are so unflattering!).
  2. I'm still fairly new to riding so for me personally yes, def atgatt
    but i can see myself getting lazy in the future already so reading this def help remind myself not to be!

    i see so many riders near sunnybank without much stuff on, i think a few months ago i saw a guy with t-shirt, shorts and thongs umm....
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  3. His choice and he lived with that choice with the pain, not anyone else.

    Freedom isnt free.
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  4. Good on you! I think of the stuff I need to use my arms and legs for and never ever get tempted. Wait till summer in Brissie, I am already seeing lots of casual wear on big bikes on the weekends. If the traffic was anything like the impatient 4WDs in the Valley on a Saturday morning, I would want all the protection I can get.

    Yes have seen that combo on a 1000cc sportsbike. I actually think ATGATT looks way cooler on a sportsbike. Looking forward to MotoGP tonight at Laguna Seca! (y)
  5. I agree.
  6. Given the weight and riding position of most cruisers leg injuries are always going to be likely, especially around urban streets. Always makes me wonder then why I see so many of the sunny weekend only, hey everyone look at me I have a stupidly loud bike, cruiser riders not bothering with anything in the way of decent leg/foot protection.

    Personally I think Russian Roullette should just be made a legal sport. It'd be a much easier way for people to try and convince others they're so awesome they're not afraid of anything - and less motorcycles would be harmed.
  7. Due to the gazillion posts on here about this topic already I'm locking this before this turns into another shitfight
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