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Would/Are Aliens Built Like Us???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tankgirl, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. So - if there are aliens (little green men/women) do they look like humans & do they 'operate' the sameway we do?

    Would we know one if we met one? :wink:

  2. Ask loki...
  3. LOL,
    I doubt you would know if you met one, most likely if they are here they would be far more advanced than humans thus have ways to disguise themselves or hide themselves.
    Could be living amongst us pretending to be humans!!!
  4. To answer you TG nah hun, we fit in just right ;)

    loki could tell you - but the he would be the probee instead of the prober
  5. Yes, we (you & I) do. lol
    So I should undertake some testing on loki, maybe. Written permission of course. :-w
  6. True, but I know a few people pretending to be human, so differentiating may be tricky. :roll:
  7. The trick here is the product rule: y'= u.dy/dv + v.dy/du
    that should do the job :cool:
  8. Don't aliens bleed green? Paper cuts are the way to go. Lilley's product rule looks like Hebrew.
  9. So, that's another yes for probing. Right? :?
  10. and NO PROBING ME
    bad touch, bad touch!
  11. Alright - external examination only to determine possible alien features - is that OK?
    I'll warm my hands - do aliens feel the cold, though!?
  12. +1 Banga! They are so far ahead of us that they would have the art of been able to hide amongst us. So many times have I seen their craft in the skies out at sea, nothing but aliens could explain!!!!

    Now as for the probing etc, don't like the idea of been the probee but love been the prober. Whoever loki is, I just hope that he/she is not male and has been getting probed…….unless………..
  13. lol - Blu101
    No, loki is definitely all male & we have decided to find other means to determine possible alien likenesses.

    So, if being so advanced, would they change their appearance or 'alter' our minds so that we perceive them as humans? :?
  14. Well as a nerdy Star Trek fan I've long wondered about this - according to ST alians are physically the same as humans!

    You never heard the female alian snogging Cap't Kirk - "Hey get your thing out of my nose".

    As to probing - well even humans think Cap't Kirk is a pain in the a.....

    Having once been married for 14 years tho I'm positive that alians are among us....and she still is! :p
  15. Live long & probe-her :p
  16. Without fail, they change their appearance and their mannerisms. This would reduce the chance that large amounts of people worldwide would think they are losing their minds. They come here to see us dumb arses and how we are/aren't developing, not to F*@k with our minds! Look people like me see their craft all the time......well maybe not all the time.......but anyways this simply causes enough problems, let alone them screwing with our minds........IMO!!!
  17. [​IMG]
    Nanoo Nanoo!
  18. oh sh_t you guys are onto me...umm ... us ...
    im outa here
    where did i park my ship ?