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Would an F4i fit in a 6x4 box trailer?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pedro78, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know whether a Honda cbr600f4i would fit in a 6x4 box trailer?
    Im in the process of buying a bike but am not off restirctions yet so need to organise transportation for it.
    If not can you recomend somewhere in sydney that hires trailers for road bikes?
    Most of the places i have found so far only seem to have trailer suitable for dirt bikes.

  2. It shouldn't be a problem, just put it in diagonally, in fact it will be more secure this way anyhow as you can pull the front wheel in hard into the front L/H corner abd tie the rear wheel to the R/H side rear corner.
  3. Yeah i spoke to Kennards but they said that their bike trailers are not suitable for road bikes.
  4. Hi Pedro,

    I had to hire a trailer from Kennards when my VFR had a puncture beyond repair up in the Hunter Valley (I live in Sydney). Whilst the wheel tracks were not wide enough for the rear tyre, given it was already shagged, I didn't worry about it. No damage to the rim. The trailer did the job.

    Irrespective of what trailer you opt for, overdo it on the strap downs. Once rolling, get out a few minutes later and check them again. If it is a seriously long distance, check on a regular basis. I know someone that bought a 91 in Melbourne and the bike finally fell over on the outskirts of Sydney.
  5. +1 ive had a cbx in a 6x4 and f4 is nothin
  6. good choice of bike :cool:

    yes it will fit - have seen it done numerously
  7. Thanks guys, the owner says that it fits straight into a 7x4 trailer so hopefully it should fit diagonally into the 6x4.
    Will have to buy a set of decent tie downs to ensure it doesnt move.
  8. hi pedro i bought a 98 cbr600f and it fitted in the back of a ford ute corner to corner and the tailgate still closed.
  9. A GTR 1000 fits in a 6x4 box trailer diagonally, with teh tailgate half up, a little CBR will fit easily.
    Take some old towels etc to wrap one of teh mufflers, it may be close to the sides of the trailer depending on teh height of the sides.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. One thing I might add, when you purchase your tie downs tell them what you are planning to use them on, you may find it difficult to attach some tie downs to your fully faired bike and a handlebar strap maybe a worthy addition.
  11. i used these from Gunnedah to Moss Vale only had to adjust them once :grin:
  12. pffft kennards! i use to work for them (for 2 years) and i can say with 100% confidence, that a road bike will go in their bike trailers! i know this because i've not only hired the bike trailers to customers many times, but have transported my own bikes with them.

    a 6x4 will also do the job nicely, done that too! just get a long ramp, about 6ft as a minimum, or have a few blokes to help push the thing up. bikes are heavy when you're pushing them up a ramp on your own!... done that too! :wink:

    enjoy the new bike!
  13. Ignoring the trailer question, I reckon you're mad to buy an upgrade until you're off your restrictions and you've test ridden a dozen bikes. Believe me, the deal will come up again.
  14. Ignoring the trailer question, I reckon you're mad to buy an upgrade until you're off your restrictions and you've test ridden a dozen bikes. Believe me, the deal will come up again.
  15. Years ago, I transported my VF500 from echuca to Melbourne in a 6x4 diagonally (ironically to trade it in on a CBR600f3).

    Strapping it down myself on my own, it lasted until the outskirts of Echuca! Luckily some blokes stopped who had had trail bike experience and helped.

    The secret is to find a really heavy person to weigh down the front of the bike and strap it down with the front suspension pre-loaded. Lasted all the way to melbourne without moving an inch after that.

    I have also used the hire bike trailer (which I ordered through the local garage trailer hire firm, they ordered it in to make it available) to tow the CBR back down to melbourne from Sydney many years later - no problems.
    Good Luck.