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Would a boot like this be ok for a bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OscarA, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. I get safety footwear provided by work and I'm positive I could get a pair of these or very similar if I wanted.
    I have safety shoes at the moment but I know we have a range of about 10 different safety shoes and boots to choose from from Oliver's shoes.
    Would these be okay for a bike as it'll be nice to just wear one boot rather than having to change in and out of boots every time I road my bike (when I get a bike that is) to work.

    All Terrain dual density Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) sole, heat resistant to 130º Celsius and resists exposure to most acids and chemicals
    COMFORTcushion PU/PORON Impact Absorption System - reduces leg and lower back fatigue
    Fully lined with padded comfort collar and tongue Lace locking device
    Water resistant full grain leather
    Wide profile NATUREform Type 1 Hi-Impact ALLOY toe cap, with comfort liner

  2. They look good

    Ensure laces are tucked in/out of the way as they can tangle on gear/brake levers when putting feet down :oops:

    Much better than elastic sided boots though, which have been known to come off :shock:
  3. Thanks toecutter

    That's save me time and money.
    Thanks for the tip about the laces all I need now is my learners then the bike oh and the helmet, gloves, jacket, draggins pants (cargo or chino style) I think that's it, lol.
  4. Yep they'll be fine if done up tight.
    Motorbike boots are motorbike boots for a reason but the lace up safety boots work well.
  5. they will kinda do the job i think. but i'd buy another pair of boots anyway, for when you are riding not going to work. those boots might save you from roadrash if you come off and you get stuck under the bike or something as they are leather, but as mentioned be careful with the laces, tuck them in always.

    what kind of ankle support do they offer? if you come off, and you land badly or hit something, what is gonna save you from rolling your ankle badly? i've walked away from a crash with nothing but a sore ankle, i'd hate to think how i would be if i wasnt wearing proper motorbike boots, or full leathers etc.

    remember, there is a reason motorbike shops sell motorbike boots, and not just tradesman's boots.
  6. are they steel toe? heard horror stories about steel-toe...
  7. It's a start & a vast improvement to what I see whole bunch of other people riding in, but do think about proper motorcycle boots sometime down the line.

    At worst, the laces will grind away in an instant (and thus there's danger the boots not staying on) if you happen to drag them at a weird angle. I also hear that steel toes can sever your toes if your bike falls on it.
  8. i struggle to see how a steel cap can cut off your toes if a 200kg-ish bike falls on it. the aim of the steel toe cap is to PROTECT your toes from heavy crushing objects when working etc, like a nice big 500kg steel beam or something on a construction site.

    all these horror stories are exactly that, stories...
  9. Yeah, true. Do take it with a grain of salt -- it's exactly that -- stories.

    That said, it'd make you wonder why no motorcycle boots have steel toes on them... :?
  10. It's not a horror story - check that the soles are fairly rigid and at least 4 millimetres thick. One of the critical tests is the rigidity of the sole to protect your foot from being crushed sideways. If the sole is not rigid and your foot is bent then you can have a serious toe injury from the steel caps.

    edit: It's not about the impact on the toes but about the edge of the steel cap affecting your foot when your foot bends into them or twists sideways.
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys I'll take them all on board and will also look at getting a pair of motorbike boots.
    I might just buy a pair that look like work boots who's going to know the difference.
    We need to wear steel cap boots but in reality it's an over kill as I drive a train and don't really see the need for steel caps it's not like it's going to make a difference if a train runs over my foot :shock:
  12. ive been told that steel caps make nice dents in car doors.

  13. Numerous motorcycle boots in the UK have/had steel caps. Good reputable manufacturers too, like Ashmans and Lewis Leathers. Funnily enough, I don't remember too many UK bikers being toeless.

    Have a play with your boot of choice to see just how much it would need to be distorted to allow the edge of the steel cap to sever your toes. I've tried with mine and I've come to the conclusion that, if the impact is that severe, my foot's going to be mush whatever I might be wearing.

    I've crashed several times in lace ups, both ex-army boots (German paraboots were popular in my youth) and my current Steel Blues. Properly laced, they've given ample ankle protection and they've never showed any signs of failing through abrasion or sole separation. Even the tangling laces issue is (in my not inconsiderable experience) more a potential than an actual hazard as long as you're sensible about eliminating dangling loops.

    Go for it. You'll be fine.

    I would never, however, regard elastic sided boots as adequate motorcycle wear.
  14. Mythbusters are 'testing' this soon, perhaps this week, on cable.
  15. It's a re-run, and the myth is BUSTED.
    You are better off wearing a steal cap boot, in a foot crush situation. That's why its an OHS requirement....
  16. Got a pair with very similar specs - bout 50mm higher than those.

    My ones are actually firefighting boots so no steel toe - steel being a good conductor of heat and all that.

    I would back them as providing excellent crush and abrasion protection. They don't provide rigid support to the ankle joint like many bike boots do but I bet they're easier to walk in.

    Best thing about yours - work's paying for em!
  17. Looks like the work boots will do when I ride to work but I'll also check out whats available for normal riding use.

    Thanks again guys, love this site it's so helpful.

    Yeah it's an added bonus
  18. mythbusters = fact. true story
  19. I wear a pair of these. Note the little strap that stops the laces from getting caught on the brake/gear lever :grin: