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Wot a day for a ride!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. And the weather WAS good - I reckon I saw almost every motorcyclist in Australia out today!.

    Managed to do FTG to Healesville, Reefton Spur, Black Spur, across to yea, along the Glbrn valley hwy (great bit of road with flowing curves and dips and rises) to Seymour, back to yea, across to Flowerdale and Whittlesea, back to Yea, back to Seymour, back to yea and then home, 678 klms in 5 1/2 hrs, with stops for fuel, lunch, and fiddling with the ipod.

    Only saw one cop car, who flashed his lights at me as I went in the opposite direction (at a naughty speed).
    Didnt do a Uey, so just continued on.

    Am totally impressed with the Metz tyres, corners signposted at 70kmh swallowed up at 125kmh, and there was plenty in reserve.

    The left hand side of the rear is now worn to the tread edge, but not the right side. (yet).

    Totally magical day for a ride, mission complete!. Hoping everyone else managed to do the same!

  2. not that much :shock:

    it was a beautiful day here on the fabulous South Coast, but a trip up to the Pie Shop at reasonable speed was the only available recreation. Still, it's nice to be back in lighter gear again..
  3. Yeah, have to agree. Saw more motorcyclists in one day than the last 6 months! :shock:
    Was a brilliant day, did 300ks and didn't even feel the miles!
  4. I was thinking the same thing - haven't seen this many bikes out in one day doing their own thing. Had a couple of chats as usual - old SR owners. Did Melb - King Lake - Healesville (via Myers) then back (via Chum). It was so nice to hit those roads with the jacket open!
    The only thing I miss is the safety of winter riding(!), when there's not Rossi (without the skill level) coming hard at you on every sharp right-hander! :)

    We'll have to organise a cruisin' ride soon.
  5. Didn't get out on Saturday, to many family/house things to do. Went on the Icicle Ride Re-Run yesterday, fabulous day out.

    Agree a cruiser ride would be great.
  6. I had a ball too !
    Headed up to Launching place via Gembrook, plenty of bikes on the road :)