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Worth Upgrading?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jry-R, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Recently I got my L's and purchased a cbr125r to learn on, a month has lapsed and now I feel it is a bit underpowered. Now I'm not saying I've pushed the bikes to its limits, as I'm far from that, but there are times where I find myself in trouble on the streets due to the lack of power.

    Question is, is it worth upgrading to a second hand Ninja 250r in a couple months when I've saved up enough? Since they are so cheap at the moment, I figured it would be a safer option, but is there not really much of a difference in the acceleration?

    Or should I just keep the CBR125R and wait it out my 14 month restrictions till I move to a 600?

    The main use of the bike is commuting to university/riding to friends places (16-20km rides.)

    I have no knowledge of what a 250 or 600 feels like, so just looking for some experienced riders input!
  2. Mmm... how big are ya?
    I found a 250s power rather lacking too after a few months.
    Then after about 12 months i was entirely limited by the bike in what i could do on it, wanting to push harder but the bike not being capable of it (but at the same time still rather thankful of its forgiving nature!).

    If <100kg sure a 250 would see you through the 14 months. If over it like me, you will likely be better on something ~400cc, and respect that throttle while you get used to it ;).

    edit: naturally it depends on the intended purpose too, but sounds like you are commuting? more weight and power will make the commute far more comfortable and you will (most likely) arrive far more relaxed too!
  3. I commute on a 125cc 50kms a day, in up to 90kmh zones. Its 'enough' for getting from a to b.

    I test rode the cbr125r before getting my stepthrough and found the cvt to be faster and less hassle as on the cbr you need to stoke the gearbox to make the best of it. But theres no getting around the fact that these machines have very little power (~12hp). Does the lack of power potentially put you danger? No, however you do need to take a more defensive approach as you don't have the ability to power out of situations. To make up for the lack of power you need to develop roadcraft and awareness as well as being confident in your brakes.

    For your use, a 125 is perfect as a short distance commuter. But obviously a bigger bike does open up your opportunities to go on longer rides. And they are way more fun. It really depends on what you want out of the bike. I personally have a 125 commuter and a thou for weekends.
  4. i kept a 2fiddy for about 16 months. Doing 30km commutes to uni and riding in the mountains. Im sure itd be much more comfortable on a 250 in 80+ zones.

    IMO a 250 is heaps of commuting. Even if your on the highway for a bit. It only lacks when you want to go fast/break the law/have some fun :p If you are hanging around 60 and 70 zones and only want the bike as a commuter, id keep the 125. If you want to have some more fun and actually going on leisurely rides, then i would probably upgrade :D

    An unrestricted 600+ is craaazy in comparison.
  5. Woops, forgot to include that, I'm 180cm tall and 75kg heavy. If I do get the 250, you reckon it would be a long term thing? I just feel I'm throwing a lot of money away aswell. Hmmm

    EDIT: Thanks for your replies! Didn't see them till I posted this, yeah a 125 could possibly be enough, its moreso the question "Is it worth it?"
  6. Well when i owned a 250 i was 175cm tall and like 90kg (now like 80kg). I lasted 16 months :p But really, only reason stopping me from upgrading at the 12 month mark was the lack of $$$ that i had.

    Not sure what the rules are in Melbourne, but you only need to be on ur restricted for 1 year in QLD. If u need to wait any longer than that, id probably be looking at a 400cc+

    EDIT: Sorry just missed how you said u have 14 months left. If your a poor uni student, stick with the 125. If you've got a full time job and can afford it, grab something bigger :D You shouldnt loose toooo much from a 1 month old bike??
  7. I would suggest that 125 should be enough for a commuter of your weight. I don't see a 250 as being something that is essential for safety - certainly would be more fun though.

    I'd say save your cash till when it really is upgrade time.
  8. Son you have the bug. :) Good on ya. If you can afford it do it. Your gunna have the same problem with the 600 to a thou. It never ends. Thank god or I would waste all my money on savings,houses and shares.
  9. Like bretto61, it goes on forever. You might as well wait and save up for your "real" big bike, at the end of the day its still a learner bike
  10. You could always upgrade to a LAMS 600... or even a 650
  11. yep, get the biggest most powerful bike u can get and educate yourself for the future cause u will go bigger
  12. Three months is enough commuting on a 250 for me, but I'm going overseas later this year so can't upgrade just yet.Then again I reckon if I sell my 250 in summer I'll get more for it anyway.
  13. I've been commuting on my 250 for nearly 6 months now and, while i would like something bigger, i can hardly complain.

    I came from a 150 and the 250 proved to be a good step up. My main reasons for something bigger would be my height (6'2") and less buzzy at highway speeds. Also, great road presence and less fuel consumption (as you don't have to wring it's neck the whole time).

    But in the mean time, i have no money and I love that i can sound like i'm going 100km/h when i'm actually only doing 40km/h. Also, superbly chuckable and great for splitting.

    CBR125's also have the unmistakable aura of "sheep in wolves clothing". I feel like a beast on a 250 if i'm ever next to a 125.
  14. good advice, in my opinion (y)
  15. On little bikes you need to keep your revs and corner speed up. Takes a while to get enough skill and feel for the bike to do that. Need to think ahead a bit more than on a big bike. I ride a 100cc scooter around the suburbs without too much drama. (Have a 600 for weekends). Suspect like a lot of learners you don't keep the revs up. Try riding a gear lower than what you think.
  16. I have been riding my 250 for 3 months, I'm 5'11" amd 70 kg and its still too damn slow. Sure it has 'enough' power but so does a bicycle.
  17. Agree, the tiny little wheels make it look like a kid wearing his dad's clothes.
  18. Dude, go to a dealership and take a Ninja 250r for a test ride.. That's the best way to find out if it's got the extra 'kick' you're looking for. After that you can decide if it's worth saving some money for..
  19. To me the CBR125 makes me think of fancy sports bike fairings on a scooter. As for the Ninja 250r, that's really just a commuter bike in shiny sports bike fairings. Either way, I think those bikes are more about looks than performance. They're little bikes trying to look big.

    I say save your money until you're ready for your 'full licence upgrade'. If you really want a bigger bike in the mean time, why not consider something a bit cheaper that goes just as well e.g zzr250?.
  20. roadcraft 4 safety 4 the win!

    I'm on L's too! and have an early 90s zx2r, 'baby ninja' and the thing hammers for a 250, snap the tacho in 4th and your already illegal. It's an inline 4 cylinder though as opposed to the newer 250r's which are inline 2's.

    I would so save your money till your off restrictions an then upgrade! Unless you went LAMS 400 or something.