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Worth the $

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Well had a unbelievable ride from Baulko at 630 am in the fog this morning! Will need to get some of that 'cat' stuff to demist my visor was exciting but scary in that thick fog!! Did the HART confidence and road skills course ( now called advanced 1) was really really great and I unlearnt a few bad traits ( joys of self teaching :grumpy:) but also great to be able to zap around corners without worrying about everything else so you could concentrate on you leans set up etc. Was nice to get pointers from a pro but now wondering if I have booked my P test too soon -okay on everything except that rotten $)(; of a u- turn... Have 4 weeks to perfect yikes any hints other than practising nonstop ???!;)

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  2. Well done you! At this early stage, invest in you, the developing rider, not the bike and the accessories. Time for all that later :sneaky:. U-turns are all about confidence, so start in a carpark and use some markers to give yourself, say, twice the allowed distance in which to turn, then steadily move the markers closer as you get the feel of combining your rear brake, body position, throttle (and a little clutch slip if necessary) to do what your eyes will tell your hands and feet to do. Look where you need to go, not at what's in front of your wheel. Yes, I know; easier said than done sometimes!
  3. Thanks for tips! I need to get over myself and that tight u obsessing over it too much!!!
  4. Glad to hear the course was a good one! I have only been riding for about 9 months and have booked my Adv 1 course at Hart.
    I am really looking forward to it and hope to learn loads and ' unlearn' any bad habits I may have picked up.
  5. Well done; I discovered mothers protectant is amazingly effective for antifog. I tried other stuff and was less than impressed, can use it for trim too.
  6. Another thing to realise is you're essentially perched on top of a powered centrifuge connected to your throttle, keeping the revs up and feathering the clutch makes keeping the bike in its current orientation easier due to the centrifugal forces from the rotating crankshaft, while keeping speed low and controlled.
  7. And your cyclops eye.... Pretend you have a single eye in the centre of your chin (of your helmet). It can only look in the direction it is pointed. Before you U-turn, cyclops wants to be looking at the exit area, at roughly the same height your head is now(not looking at the ground). So screw you head around as tight as you can to look at the exit, the bike will follow.
  8. Thanks everyone for your tips! Will be searching for my middle eye and hoping :hungry: What a great find netrider has been for me! I don't feel so isolated on my little lean green machine.
  9. So what did the course contain out of intrest?
  10. Good tips on cornering we actually walked through left and right tight corners and had arrows marked for us to set our sights to, stopping at ~40 km , also with the cornering, the facilitator follows just you round the corner then gives you pointers, we worked on hill starts...the lecturer asked each of us (6) what our main issues were and helped with that I really did get a lot out of it- my cornering has improved a lot just with a few body positioning tips- good course if like me you are self learning!
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  11. Thanks for that :)