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Worth the money?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fixed, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. If you head here you'll find a comparison between HDTV and DVD. The pictures speak for themselves; now I just need to win the lottery to be able to afford the equipment.

  2. Anyone who thinks DVDs are a decent resolution is either blind or will never apreciate how cinema should be watched anyway and thinks that a 30cm tv in the living room is a perfectly good way to watch Star Wars. Apple movie trailers in 1080p vs. 23" cinema display = orgasm.
  3. So how much does a HD setup cost and what do you need?
  4. Or maybe they just like to watch the odd movie and don't feel that they're missing out if they can't see every pube in tom cruise's teeth.

    I'd pay big dollars for a device that could improve screenwriting, dialogue and storylines. All the focus on eye candy in Hollywood lately has left the writing in a sorry state. I feel insulted just about every time I get out to a big studio film.
  5. Or they have other/better things to spend their money on.
  6. Dunno what cinema's you go to but if I sit any closer than about 1/2 way back the definition doesn't look that flash to me. Went to gold class & sat in about the 2nd row back & was bitterly dissapointed. Rather watch my 80cm crt TV thanks (with dolby digital amp mind you :LOL: :LOL: )
  7. I find the cinema contrast way too dark. I can make out twice the detail on my CRT TV screen.
  8. H-D TV isn't expensive; right at the moment you can buy a H-D Samsung 42" plasma (106cm) WITH an HD-TV Set-top box for $3999 pretty much anywhere. If you love your TV.......
  9. These images are from 1080i that's downsampled - that's 1900 by ... whatever.

    Massive cost involved.
  10. Or a $150 HD-PVR for the PC on an $800 widescreen LCD :)
  11. yeah, I saw a 50" LCD in Korea two years ago, the picture was so realistic you would have thought you could reach into the screen and picked up the images...