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Worth fitting an alarm ??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, May 16, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Im picking up my Triumph Sprint ST on Friday and am just wondering about security.
    I have a disc lock at the moment but was wondering if it was worth going to the expense of having an alarm fitted.
    Any suggestions or comments ??

  2. Where do you park it at night? Daytime?

    Can you afford a good one? If not, install a cheap Jaycar one, the sensor works OK and for $70 can't really complain.
  3. You get what you pay for...jaycar alarms are pretty cheap and nasty but will give you some protection...I have a meta legos 3 alarm and it's brilliant, tiny, well made, rubber coated remotes so you don't scratch the bike etc...although they are more expensive...if you want more info pm me
  4. Xena make an alarmed, shock sensing disc lock for round $60.
    It is LOUD, very sensitive and might be worth checking out.
  5. I know that when I buy a bike I'll be adding an alarm to it, but that's mainly because it'll be kept in a carport. What is your situation with regards to garaging your bike and how often will it be parked elsewhere?

    Personally, I think that if you are going to be parking the bike in any public space you need an alarm with a motion sensor to keep the curious onlookers away from it.
  6. Bullshit you do.

    Droneguns offer far better security, especially if you set up a warning sign 'bike thiefs will be shot. Survivors will be shot again'..
  7. i use a stele mate bike specific alarm on my gpx 250, i have a disk lock aswell, but the alarm and immobilizer is far more convenient cost 100 installed via a mate who is an auto elec.

    very happy!

    so yes an alarm is worth it!
  8. I had an alarm on the babyblade.

    It was a $500 spyball.

    Worked very well. I had the bike 2 years. After the first year, the thing pissed me off more than anything.

    Beep beep every time you got off it, beep before you got on it. Forget to disarm it before hoping on, yadda yadda yadda.

    I bought a disk lock at the same time. It lives under the pillion seat and is hardly used.

    If they want it they will take it and no alarm will stop them.

    Besides, you said it was a Triumph. Only people with driveways already coated in oil will want to steal it :rofl:
  9. Thanks for your responses everyone.

    I have it garaged overnight but will be using it to and from work to the city everyday so it will be parked on the street in the city.
    thats the only reason I was thinking of security.

    I was interested in getting an alarm but also thought the same as Vic, if someone really wants to take it then nothing will stop them.

    Im definately leaning towards getting one, and figure that if im spending so much on a bike then I should fork out to get a decent one.

    Anyone know any good places to check some out in the city ?
  10. One bloke returned to where his bike was parked, cnr Bourke & Elizabeth street out the front of the Commonwealth Bank to find his disk lock in 3 pieces sitting where his bike used to be.

    If they are prepared to sit there cutting off a disk lock in the middle of the day, alarm or not, your bike will disappear.

    I'm not sure if anyone carries the spyball alarm any more. Zylux in Fairfield supplied & fitted it, cost me around $500
  11. No eyebrows are raised when car alarms goes off let alone
    when a pissy bike alarm does the same.
  12. alarms just give people the shits

    people don't care about your stuff getting nicked, they just want the noise to stop

    if you're really worried about your bike look at Quiktrak http://www.quiktrak.com.au/
    won't stop them taking it but at least you'll know where it now is
  13. I don't think they do squat, personally.

    I had a car-style alarm on my TW200, of unknown manufacture, but the thing just pissed me off - exactly what happened to Vic. I ended up pulling the thing off.
  14. You can get an alarm that sends a message to your mobile when it goes off, I had one in my WRX. Jaycar make something similar, I wouldn’t bag their stuff they have some great products.
    I have this thing called insurance that gives me some piece of mind.
  15. I recenly had my XR650 and a Peewee stolen from my garge that were chained up, so when I bought my Fireblade I looked around for the best alarm I could get.

    The scorpio alarm has a 2 way transmitter in the key ring so if the alarm goes off your keyring beeps and vibrates to let you know that someone is screwing with your bike, it also tells you which sensor has been tripped, The Tilt, Shock or Perimeter sensor (As long as you are within about 1km of the bike)

    Had a bloke recently back his car into the front of my bike while I was at work. My keyring went off so I bolted down to the carpark to find him about to drive off and try to get away without coughing up the cash to fix the scratch on my front guard.

    They are not cheap through I paid $600 but with the amount invested in the bike you can rest easy knowing that you are always in touch with your bike.

    Check out the alarm at