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worth buying this side stand?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Filo01, Nov 1, 2007.

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  3. I agree. Shipping from the USA would be expensive. I use an Anderson stand - rock solid and Aussie made.



    ps - the side stand is what your bike has already got, this is a "paddock" stand - great for maintenance on the bike (like oiling chain) and making sure the bike does not fall over when bumped![/img]
  4. +1 although they are cheaper if you buy them for their ebay store $180 delivered with a free set of bobbins
  5. Just about any stand is OK as they will all do the job of holding your rear wheel off the ground. Some designs are more sturdy like the anderson stands. I got mine off ebay and it only cost me $110 delivered but not sure who it is made by. Search around on ebay and you will find one cheap enough in Australia.

    Oh and don't bother with that style of front stand as it is of no use except maybe cleaning the front tyre. If you want a front one then get a headstand that allows you to remove the front wheel, forks and brakes. I have seen a set of rear and front headstand for around $200-220 before on ebay (kicking myself I didn't get it).
  6. yeah id understand why, most bike shops are selling just rear universal stands for 170-190$.
  7. Can any rear stand fit a CBR250RR or my FZR250? Or do you need a specific one?
  8. There is a reason they are cheaper, trust me. [-X

    This is one of those items you can have for life, spend a bit extra and get a really good one.
  9. trust me ??

    care to mention why ?

    i have a variety of different stands here , the kaneg ones are great esp the headlift one is great , and the prices i paid for them were well below ebay and listed on their site
  10. This is the one they sent to replace the one that I couldn't lift the bike with on my own!
    It has also gone back to them now......

    I also have a front head lift stand that I had to modify the pin to enable me to even use it, otherwise I couldn't get it in or out. It still touches the fairings :evil:

  11. Just measure the distance between your lifters on the swingarm (or outside edge of swingarm and add 3cm if you don't have lifters on there). The stand will have a max and min adjustable distance. You shouldn't really have any trouble with a 250 but with my 954 some stands couldn't be adjusted out far enough.
  12. you need a rear swing arm stand, when you go buy a rear stand make sure you buy a universal stand(swing arm + spool), that way when you upgrade you don't need to get a new stand.