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Worth a Look?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bhunzz, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. If you know enough about it, or have a mate who does, it could be checked over for things like a bent frame then considered as a streetfighter. Other than that, probably not worth buying the whole thing for parts, since it's missing the same kind of parts you're likely to damage anyway. ;)
  2. hmmmmm yeh tru...what kinda price u reckon??
  3. Sorry, don't really know enough to opine and won't do you the disservice of making a rank guess. ;)
  4. why would you let go at 160? hold tighter, I would. Each to their own...
  5. $3000 at most. It doesn't look repairable and if it was you would pay a shit load to get it done and make sure it was safe to ride again - which would probably be stupid of you anyway given you don't know really what happened to it so really it should only be used for parts.

    Unless it can be started and you can hear the engine running and everything sounds in tune, $3k. If it can be started then obviously a little bit more however, again, you really don't know what damage has been done to it internally. It may sound ok but without riding it how would you really know? You don't.

    So you come back down to the $3000 mark again. That's the max I'd be offering anyway.

    My $0.02. (y)
  6. yeh thats all true..aparently its ticking over but has the oil symbol/light on...so somethings happend..all the electrics work and its selecting gears..hmmmm..
  7. There is a bit you could probably take off it but then again, how often do you think you will need parts? The Honda's a fairly reliable bike so the chances of something going wrong where a part off this bike is actually going to get you out of trouble is unlikely.

    If you're prepared to spend 3-4k on this wreck stick that money in some high interest bank account instead and if something does go wrong, the money is there to fix it, with brand new parts and not parts from something that has been smashed. If nothing goes wrong - BONUS $$$ for you! :)
  8. Hi guys, working in the wrecking industry, we would more than likely only pay around $1500 to $2000 for it,
    just my 2 cents.
  9. While we're in the business of bum plucks, what do people reckon the front end would be worth (assuming the forks are twisted but repairable)?

    Apologies for the hijack