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Worst place for bike thieves?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pianoman, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. I've heard a bit recently about bikes being stolen from Briabane area lately (sportys in particular) and am due to spend a bit of time in CBD.

    Are there any particular spots to avoid? Any spots where I'm guaranteed to be unfortunate enough to have to rely on the good folk of qld constabulary and my insurers?

    I'd like to be sure my bike is still around when I return to it and wondered if there's a list of DO NOT DO THIS things I need to check?

    Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Leaving keys in the barrel would qualify.
  3. Any where you leave your bike, They want it, They will take it,
  4. Heres hoping they dont take mine (anytime), its already parted out for them...
  5. I would be less nervous about leaving my bike in the Brisbane CBD where there is designated bike parking (sometimes with CCTV) than I would leaving it a little further out.

    As always, the best advice is to park next to something shinier and less well protected and to have insurance.
  6. Doesn't matter where you park it, if someone wants it they will take it, all you can do is try and deter them a bit, whether it be an alarm, a disc lock, chaining it to a pole.. whatever tickles your fancy

    park in obvious places, with lots of foot traffic.. cameras even.
    as mendosi said, its better you park in an area with lots of people.

    but your number one thing you need is full comp/theft insurance.. because if you don't have the cash to replace it, then obviously you're in a world of hurt.

    at the end of the day, bikes are easy to steal.. shit 2 people can pick it up and put it in a van in no time.
  7. I think you could've done much better than this for a so-called "piano man".
    Something like this, perhaps:

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  8. Brilliant
  9. The flavour for the last year in Brisbane CBD has been Triumphs so park next to one of them
  10. You could modify your bike to make it less popular....
    Pink tassles on the handle bars and hello kitty all over the tank.
    Thieves won't want to sit on it let alone steal it.
  11. Hey I told you to keep my mods a secret until I had finished !
  12. Gold! This man knows what he is talking about. On a side, don't park too close to a triumph or they'll knock your bike out of the way to get at the Triumph.

    There are plenty of places to park in the CBD where there is plenty of the aforementioned foot traffic. I commend to you the City Council motorcycle parking map: http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/traf.../cbd-parking/motorcycle-parking-cbd/index.htm
  13. No one would steal a triumph, the cops would just follow the trail of oil all the way back.
  14. I see the humour in your post but threads on this forum show Triumphs have been targeted in the Brisbane CBD.

    Also have read similar elsewhere
  15. That and im pretty sure you mean harleys :p.
    No oil leaks from my triumph :p.
  16. Nah not harleys, that would be a trail of parts not oil.
  17. So Harleys are the go to pinch.
    They part themselves out.
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  18. Chain it to something solid.
  19. Yeah, but if you chain it to the Harley alongside, they might just take your bike at the same time!

    That, or the owner might get annoyed.