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worst near death experience yet...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bernieL0max, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Ok, so the last 4 days I've been in Melbourne for work; coming from Ballarat I actually enjoy riding in and around Melbourne for the most part... the majority of drivers are a lot more aware of the presence of motorcyclists and seem to drive accordingly.

    There are of course exceptions, and there was a few potential incidence over the couple of days, nothing compared to the daily riding locally.


    Coming home last night I had come through sunshine & was approaching the bypass, where the road splits to 4 or 5 lanes...

    I am in the very right lane, and there is a White late model Mitsibishi Pajero in the very left lane... the driver - a young female asian, suddenly realises/decides that she wants to turn right at the approaching intersection, she sticks her indicator on at about the same time she reefs on the steering wheel without looking...

    crossing one lane a car in the next lane has to brake suddenly to save the front end of their car...

    I know from my mirror that there is a stream of cars behind me. I was in 5th with no time to kick it back a gear or 2 to accellerate away, so i moved over as far as i could & hit the horn.

    She kept coming, the bull-bar on the front of her pajero ended up in my ribs, at one point I wrapped my arm around it to hold myself & the bike upright as she kept coming across - me waving my arm & bashing on her bonnet as best i could...

    The car directly behing me must have seen this and slowed, but if i braked I risked my bars getting hit by her bull-bar, and if i accellerated she would have driven right into my back wheel...

    Where she was looking, and what she was thinking I just dont know.

    *somehow* i came out of this unscathed; she drove on oblivious, stopping at a red light... i felt like pulling up beside her, opening her door, and punching her in the face a few times... I really did.

    I thought better of this and deliberately pulled another lane over before filtering to the front of the traffic, i huffed and puffed for a second, wanting to collect my thoughts, before my rage took over & I spun around waved my fist and yelled a few choice words.

    She sat there, looking at me with a blank look... no achnowledgement, no gesture, nothing.

    As usual in the heat of the moment I forgot to take her rego; shit, where would i have written it down? and what good would it have done? would the police even follow up on a report? she sure as hell wouldnt be charged with 'attempted vehicular manslaughter' - which is exactly how I would describe what she did it in a legal sense! This was not an 'accident'

    Anyway, I live on to ride another day...
  2. all the ingredients of a classic horror story, thankfully with a happy, if shaking, ending. Glad you're ok, mate.
  3. ah jeez! :shock: you actualy grabed the bullbar??? glad your ok dude! good to hear your bike didnt get binned there!
  4. Bernie that's just horrible. I'm very impressed that you managed to stay upright.
  5. its scary she didnt realise she had someone on her bullbar.
    i saw a similar thing happen today the bike was in the left lane car in right lady decides she needs to go to a street on the left hand side, she crossed off the bike and shot down the street luckily biker was quick to react got on the brakes and the horn. i dont know if people dont look or just dont care
  6. Did the car behind ( or any around) you stop or acknowledge the incident
  7. Goizus!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    That was definately an experience hey? Glad to hear you got out of it unscathed & remained upright.

    You actually grabbed hold of the bumper bar??? That's AMAZING!!! Definately a story to remember for the grandkids!!!
  8. She drove her bullbar into your ribs and you just yelled couple of "bad" words at her??? Mate, in my books, you are the master of self control!!! You hanging there soudns like James Bond trick.

    For "bullbars in the ribs" hit, I would either smash her, or something on her car, afer I pull her over, drag her out of the car, set her driver's licence on fire and yell uncontrolablly for about 40 minutes. Then if she survives, I would call the police straight away.

  9. Indeed, he is like the Dali Lama of motorcyclists.
  10. nice work mate. good to see u came out relatively unscathed. shame about the rego number. and yes i woulda gone of a hell of a lot more than a few bad words. she would of ended up with eithermassive panel damage to every window in her vehicle smashed by anything i could of found.. then again.. im an angry scooter rider...
  11. fcuk that for a joke! :shock:

    I definately would have got in her face about it at the lights....I don't understand though, if you could see her coming and had time to move over & get on the horn, why couldn't you accelerate out of danger?
  12. How the F did you keep it upright? That's some serious vehicle control you have :shock:

    Glad that you're here to tell the story.
  13. From behind the keyboard no one could understand it.
    He did well to save himself from injury, he did the best he could have at the time.
    Asking what he coulda/shoulda/woulda done is wasted bandwidth.
  14. Admire your bike and self-control - I would have been kicking lights and panels if I was still able to.

    We need helmet-cams - visual proof of what happened and the registration plate. :mad:
  15. Without sounding sexist or racist, some people may say that, by the description given, the Pajero driver is more deadly to anyone else on the road than a blind guy with no arms or legs and is the type of driver that should be avoided at all costs! :shock:

    And theres no way I'd have been so calm about it...I'm pretty sure it would be me up for manslaughter if I was in that situation!
  16. Jesus...glad to hear you and your bike are ok!...but a couple of points

    1) You Sir have balls of steel...how the hell you had presensce of mind to hold onto the bull bar i have no idea

    2) You have remarkable self control...I know i wouldn't have been able to show restraint after something like that.

    You live to ride another day...and have proved that some cage drivers are oblivious to the world outside their comfy interiors

    :) Take Care
  17. I honestly would have shat ( and Iv'e been T-boned by a car ) but that bullbar hug you did scared the hell out of me .Sir you have balls of steel
  18. Far Canal, that's amazing!
    What kind of brain dead moron does it take to do something like that. You did an amazing thing to stay upright.. ;-)
  19. there wasnt any presence on mind... the bullbar was already under my armpit, i just squeezed! the bike tyre was riding the gutter i was sort of pushing against it i guess... if she'd suddently pulled away it probably would have been worse!

    There was no stopping, no "accident", so no-one stopped to acknowledge anything...

    As soon the the right turn lane appeared I veered away from her, then slowed to let her into it, i rode behind her for just a moment, comtemplating what just happened, thinking about ripping her door open, then a changed lanes to get away to control myself before filtering to the front of the lane; ending up in front and 1 car away from her.

    funy thing, well sort of... I start waving my fist and yelling abuse; she's just looking at me blankly, but I suddently realise the vietnamese guy in the 200SX between us thinks I am abusing him :p

    I'm trying to gesture "no, not you, that stupid biatch...", I gave up shortly afterwards, just sat there shaking my head.

    For some reason I wasnt full of adrenalin like I might have expected, I wasnt shaking or nauseas - just angry.
  20. For the life of my I cant get my head around the fact that I wasnt hit by the bodywork, the whell/tyre or anything...

    Hopefully my fist or elbow left a sizeable dent in her bonnet.

    oh, and I was approaching an intersection, in 5th, on a Suzuki RF900 (only 5 speed), doing about 70-80kms... so there's not a lot of accelleration there. I *did* open the throttle, and I did for an instant also lock the back brake; both just reactions.