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Worst motorcyclist I've ever witnessed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, May 1, 2010.

  1. I've seen you a few times, and you're getting worse and worse. You're the most dangerous rider around and I swear to god the next time you cut me off and almost kill me I'm going to goddamned slam into you.

    PLEASE ride more safely!

  2. Details please why is he so bad?
  3. Whenever I see a topic like this, I half expect it to be about me :rofl:
  4. I'm safe. In a diff state. Phew!
  5. My first reaction was "this must be about Brownyy and his splitting" :rofl:
  6. The 10 or so times I've seen this rider, it's all been bad news.

    The most recent event, saw a rider come up behind me, and another close by. Coming up Epping road, where the tunnel traffic has the option to stay on for the M2 or to get off for epping etc.

    I was in the middle of the lane, giving berth for the car to my right to see where they would go before I filtered. I'm a cautious rider, but I also filter, and I don't go slowly or anything. So I moved to the right, dropped it down a gear, and turned the throttle on for more power and speed. BAM this stupid douche bag comes up to my right, inches from my bike to get in front of me, cutting me off so I had to slam on the brakes and not allowing me to get in front of the car so I could filter efficiently. The bike behind me was also in the same boat, we just looked at each other with a "WTF just happened - is that guy for real" type of look.

    This motorcyclist has done this countless times, is downright dangerous, and for some reason has no respect for his FELLOW bike riders!?

    I thought if I have respect for anything on the road and those who I treat as mates, are fellow motorcyclists. I make sure if I'm slower than them I let them past me where safe, I nod, and if I'm just cruising along while filtering and I see someone coming up behind me, I either move over or speed up.

    But this one? Total f*ckface.
  7. :LOL: I've be wondering if one day a thread will pop up in rant about a blue daytona splitting on citylink... hehe
  8. Nah this is a small black thing - a VTR or something. On their full license, or not showing their L or P plates
  9. Given that our dear friend LC is in the Hills I did wonder initially if she was referring to me as well :rofl:

    But luckily (for me) she isn't.

    I hope I don't meet him/her as I'll probably brown my draggins if he/she does the stoopid with me.

    In any case - What a 'tard!

    Fun Ha!
  10. *opens thread*
    *quickly checks poster location*
    thank god... all is well..
    nothing to worry about.
  11. I do agree lately there seems to be a lot of Riders doing silly things and when I hear Traffic Reports say Motorcyclist Down I wonder was he doing something stupid or not.I also try to be a Good Rider and nod to most other riders but you would be surprised how many can not be bothered to nod back.I have a friend in Spokaine USA and he was saying they mostly ride Harley's but as they all pass each other they wave,how good is that.It was like that here many years agoand it was GREAT to see.
  12. Your thread will come ;)
  13. Yeah, no respect for fellow riders? Really awful.

    Trying too hard to filter through traffic AND having no respect for other riders that you're almost killing yourself and fellow riders? Disgusting. Worst thing.
  14. Well, my bike's off the road at the moment so I'm safe!!!
  15. Same here. I had to check where he was from.8-[
  16. Now thats not nice!!!!
    I remember when you started out lowercase, everyone was like, shit she will kill herself or someone else.
    I for one will admit that I have bad days still.
  17. Me? Since when did people think I was dangerous? :S

    You never said that to my face, Lou.

    EDIT: And this person is a repeat offender and looks to be fully licensed.
  18. If i have the right person, you wore slip on ballerina shoes, long skirts that would go cms from you rear wheel and chain, which we all thought was in the class of being dangerous to yourself and others following you. :) And not always on the ball, but as i said we all have off days
  19. I wore those shoes once - how could they kill others?

    The skirts were over motorcycle pants and never came close to the chain.

    Not being on the ball? I was a brand new learner, Lou and rarely got the support from you guys that a learner should have. Everyone was always telling me to go faster and push my boundaries.. yeah, great F*cking advice.