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Worst Easter ever-My bike was slide

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by philng, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Long story short. I tried to avoid an animal crossing the road(maybe wombat), so I got a late cornering and end up sliding to the side of the road. Still lucky that I was riding around 20 km/h and the bike was travelling on the fallen leaf.

    Result: Smash, scratch body plastic at the right side of the bike, and the engine(just scratch), scratch exhaust, and other minor things

    I just want to ask that are there any specialist that do the repair for my bike in Melbourne with a decent price?

    I really appreciate 2 guys(a driver and rider:sorry didnot remember your bike but I think that a Triumph sport with 3 rear pipe exhaust) was trying to ask that something they could help me while I was trying to see how damage the bike is.

  2. Outch. Glad you're ok. Tough break.

    Hello and welcome to NetRider, by the way.
  3. Good thanks, how are... oh, nevermind...
    I believe there's an expert in your model of bike in Elizabeth Street...
  4. Hey mate,

    Welcome to NR. Sorry to hear about the mishap! Put a post on here next time you go for a ride and you may find yourself with company that can help in situations like that.

    Good luck with getting the bike back on the road!
  5. Thanks guys, will take a day off to go the shop that Dazzler recommend to see how much to repair my bike. Should I mention any name for special deal ?
  6. Sure, why not?
    Tell 'em NK sent ya...
  7. Be prepared to be shocked, if you want it looking like brand new again.
    You could easily have $2000 worth of damage, but if you are not too fussy how it looks and just fix the necessary bits hopefully it will only cost you around $200 - $500