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QLD Worst day of my life

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jag131990, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Apologies for the dramatic title..

    So yesterday was 12 months of being on my class RE, I went to QRIDE and did my class R licensing test. All went well had a great day of it. Went from there to main roads with my slip and was incredibly excited as I had been counting down the days since early December when I got my GSXR750. Up untill this point I was busy Modding the gsxr and drooling over it in the Garage everyday. Main roads couldn't work out why it wouldn't accept my class upgrade in the system and decided I needed to wait until midnight for (12 months from 07/02/2011 for my RE). So in other words come back tomorrow. So I was there 8:15 to be first in Line before work. Turns out '8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday' excluded Wednesday which is 9:30-4:30. So I had to go to work and come back later. I worked through lunch and as hard as I could to get out early and get down there. 4:15 I got to main roads and was in pretty quickly. The lady now was trying to process the forms again and had to go away to get help. She came back 15 minutes later to tell me she worked out what had happened. Late October through December last year my license expired. I was married last year and moved out of my old place and didn't receive any mail notifications wasn't until I noticed my license had expired (5 weeks). So back in December I renewed it and explained the situation. Then when it was all done I asked when I could take my r class test she told me 7/02/12. Which i just did yesterday. Now I'm told that I have not completed 12 months on RE class and this lady who gave me the date back in december misinformed me. I am to wait 5 more weeks after the 2 months I have already sat and watched and waited for my gsxr (while paying rego etc), because the 5 weeks while my license was expired do not account as time my RE has been held for? Wtf?

    Completely retarded system.

  2. You've got worse days than that to look foward to, I'm sure...

  3. I had a similar thing happen, just rode the bike anyway
  4. Ah Queensland, beautiful one day, a bureaucratic wasteland the next....
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    If I rode anyway I could potentially be done for unlicensed riding which apparently can accompany a $4000 fine and a court appearance. Couple that with the 1 point I do have left and its pretty safe to say I'd lose my license on top of that too. I'm not sure but it also is possible that it could go against my criminal record to ride unlicensed which could bite me in the ass years later.

    Still ride in back streets tho
  6. You must be hard up if that's the worst day of your life. Seriously you only have another five weeks to wait, that's nothing. Did you change your address when you moved? Or get your mail redirected? Can't all be the department of transport's fault.

    They didn't make you buy a bigger bike early.
  7. Lol yes in hind sight there is much worse to look forward to in life. But like a small boy eager for Christmas to come I had been counting down the days.. This was pretty much my birthday/christmas present for the year so it was just the worst result possible to be told to go home and come back again in 5 weeks.

    Didn't get my mail redirected no. Lets just call it my fault, but being a fellow motorcyclist you may empathize with me if you like.
  8. Sucks mate. Really does.

    Just wait it out.
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  9. I hate that sort of stuff. A licence renewal payment is just like any other bill; electricity, gas, water . . . they don't cut these off if you are day late in paying, they send you a reminder. A delay in licence renewal payment shouldn't mean that you don't have a licence, at least not for three months or so. Your licence hadn't expired, it was just late in payment. After all, there is no test or checks or anything at renewal. You just pay. But the bureaucracy doesn't see it that way.

    I once got caught out when trying to hire a car on a business trip. My licence had "expired" two days earlier, so they wouldn't rent me a car, since I would be uninsured. They wouldn't budge. I hadn't been at home much for months, and just didn't have time to get to all the bills, most of which were on automatic payment anyway. So my lesson was learned. Pay rego and licence when they arrive, or suffer unreasonable consequences. Stupid government.

    I still would have just said no to the Main Roads people, and told them to update my licence. At least I would have tried, and escalated as far as I could while there.
  10. POO POO does happen daily, 5 weeks is nothing!! just chill, dont be angry, stress is the biggest killer, tomorrows another day...
  11. Actually that is incorrect. By the very nature that it wasn't paid, it has expired. If you don't pay your insurance renewal, and crash a day after the renewal, you aren't covered there either. This is exactly why the date you pay your license renewal is quite important.

    While it is a pain, it isn't really that unreasonable given that the insurance is linked directly into the renewal - so it isn't just like any other bill. In the OP's case, I'm surprised they couldn't just apply some reason to the situation - but the system probably won't even allow them to do it. Either way, 5 weeks isn't too bad.
  12. You don't think I tried?

    I got the lady to bring her supervisor over, she went and explained the situation to him while I was watching for 5 minutes to fill him in while he rolls his eyes. He comes over to me and says "So what is your enquiry?"

    He was a young guy about 30 maybe. I got into a big argument with him explaining it wasn't my fault etc and I even tried to make a case of it being his staff's negligence by telling me the wrong date to go for my QRIDE test.

    He apologized and said he can't do anything even if he wanted to as the system won't let him approve it because of the time lapse. It was coded into their computer software.

    I got pretty angry and really pissed because I had been waiting for what seemed like forever, he told me he was willing to accept the QRIDE paper next month. At this point I was really pissed and was like if you want to be all about technicalities then why don't you rip that QRIDE paper up, legally I was not allowed to learn to ride a class R because I haven't held RE for 12 months so you say. And he said I can rip it up with an atitude and began raising his voice at me. I said yeah you should with an escalating tone and I was ready to do something stupid in my head if he did. But the wife pulled me away and i took my paper and license and didn't say a word.

    Nothing can be done, like everyone else says. Its just 5 more weeks. Oh well not worth it
  13. I have another 2.5 months to wait (on top of the 2 months I've already waited) until I can ride my pristine brand new CBR1000RR that's sitting in my garage. 5 weeks is nothing, just wait it out!
  14. Actually, with my cage insurance with GIO, I am covered for a grace period after the insurance renewal date. At least that is what I have been told by GIO when I paid on the last day a few years back. Not five weeks though, just a week from memory, if I haven't called them.

    In fact I'm pretty sure that they send me a reminder notice with the extension documented, but I haven't kept any reminder notices to check, since they were from a long time ago.

    Not all insurers do it, but that is the difference between good commercial insurance and government run/adminstered insurance.

    Yeah, I wouldn't be getting angry with them. No value in that. I always stay firm but reasonable. You seem to have tried what you could. It is annoying when there is no-one with enough authority available to implement a reasonable and justified request. Just because the Customer Support person and her supervisor couldn't do it in the system doesn't mean that it can't be done. Software is just software, and infinitely flexible. After all, what would happen if they lost your payment sent by mail? Or the payment by cheque was wrongly assigned to the incorrect licence? That sort of thing does still happen, and if it was their fault, they would have to fix it.

    So, chill out for five weeks and do some more work on the 750. :D
  15. If that is the worst day of your life consider yourself one lucky boy.
  16. You were kind of lucky that you didn't get pulled over during that 5 week period. Using that "I moved and didn't get the renewal and didn't know my license had expired" reason might not have held weight if they decided to charge you then as unlicensed. The onus was on you to know when your license would expire and to change your address.You were lucky then.
    Given that and that they will accept the QRide certificate 5 weeks waiting it out is no big deal.
  17. yeah watch the next douchebag in 5 weeks time tell me the dates on the cert must be wrong and reject it lol.

  18. You're absolutely right Roderick. I'm sure they didn't change the licence expiry date to the date when you finally paid for the extension, but it's still in line with the date it originally was due.

    Bloody bureaucrats!
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  19. It's never easy. If it was we wouldn't do it.
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    +1. That's a really friggan good point.

    I didn't have a license for 5 weeks then when it was renewed from the expiry date and not actually the renewal they are robbing me. When you pay for 12 months of Austar or any kind of service you expect what you pay for.

    Yet they still expect me to believe I didn't hold the license for the required time. Make your minds up