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Worst. Christmas. EVER!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snuff3r, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Anyone want to share their crappy xmas with me? Make me feel better?

    I'll start... My family and I got evicted two days before xmas day.
  2. ... not so good. Been there - done that - but not this year. This one's been pretty good for me.
  3. Not as bad but........

    ME: lost my job (well contract finished) and lost my tenants before Christmas...........

    CLOSE FRIEND A: was suspended on the 21st and had his employment terminated on the 28th..............

    CLOSE FRIEND B: Got caught speeding big time on a rental car......lost his license and his job a few days before Christmas............

    The silver lining? we get to hang out all day watching people hurry about and chillaxing, last time we did this was in high school and uni. We get to ride around whenever/wherever we feel like (except for friend 8), staying up and sleeping in to whatever time, swapping movies and TV episodes to watch, chilling out and get totally wasted :p.............................now thats what I call gangsta lifestyle :p..........
  4. I had a bit of a b*tch about my Xmas, being absent (for the umpteenth time !) from a large gathering etc (work got in the way of my social life..again !)..but comparing myself to how badly (let alone no Xmas) others much less fortunate experienced world-wide, or hearing the devastation caused by the horrendous weather that night, I count my blessings I (and over 200 of us) returned safely home after 9hrs inflight.

    Sorry to hear, snuff3r :(
  5. You are SOOO lucky Nickers. When I saw this thread and you were the last reply I was going to smack you! This Christmas HAD to be a good one!

    Sorry to hear about the bad Christmases guys. Last year was a baddy for me and a few years earlier we lost a 4 year old nephew at Chrissy time. Nothing was going to ruin this year...NOTHING

    This year...

    My parents house flooded, my brothers house flooded, mine apparently flooded a bit but I haven't bothered going home to check it as it doesn't sound bad, my work area flooded. Two hail damaged cars (happens when you make sure the bike is safely undercover and blocked in). Still.....no major complaints from me. Best.Christmas.EVER!!!!!
  6. What was the reason for the eviction snuffer?
  7. About 14 years ago, from memory...

    Right in the middle of a messy divorce involving a child, and had worn out my welcome at a mate's house (his wife's welcome, more to the point...).
    Managed to secure a rental flat a couple of days before, but had no furniture.
    Lunch was fish and chips from Mortdale, eaten and followed by a short nap on the loungeroom floor while I waited for my son to be "delivered" to me by his mum.
    Who decided that Christmas Day was the perfect time to remind me of everything that was wrong with me.

    I think we went and stayed at another mate's place that night, but I honestly don't recall - I know the young fella had a soft warm bed anyways...
  8. That's awful :( I'm glad its over for you. Do you think it makes you appreciate what you have now even more?
  9. i ran out of smokes
  10. bugger!

  11. Please do... :butt:
  12. "And that, kids, is the story of how Nickers saved Christmas..."
  13. Nickers, good to hear the bikes OK.

    My Christmas this wasn't too bad. Holiday 1200km away from home, spending it with family. Only problem is I have to spend it with me and my own head. Having to be careful I don't do anything stupid out on a solo ride, like turning it into a pub crawl.
  14. Sure, some of those christmasses are bad, but you have to feel sorry for the hope of tomorrow...

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    They wanted it back so they could sell it. 10 years renting it and 10 days notice. *sigh*

    We're moving now, gotta be out by midnight. :(
  16. How did they get away with that?? Ten days is not legal
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  18. My heart pumps piss for these so deprived Selfish lazy drop kick Bastards,
    I have a tall cliff they can jump off,
    Put them selves out of their self inflicted misery,

    Get a job and buy your own, Duhhhh,