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Worst chicken strips I've ever seen.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by papermate, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Driving to work today, i was very unimpressed at this sight. I thought i'd share.


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  2. He's on his way to Colonel Sanders :LOL:
  3. You haven't seen mine yet .:oops:
  4. Thats what he gets for riding his bike to work, dont you know you should only ride it in the hills and to coffee? :driver:\\:D/

    some of us commute rain hail or shine
  5. Maybe he hangs off a lot? :)
  6. Unless he's motogp monkey leaning off the bike for every slight curve in the road, not possible. Must have some crap on the tyre or strange wear.. or something to make it look like that.
  7. looks like my old pilot road after 10,000kms on the freeway. Actually the strips on the side were almost non exsistant but you couldve played lawn bowls on the flat section
  8. I'm unimpressed too.

    A beautiful day like that and you took the CAR?

  9. .. just noticed the bus in that pic .. with the KFC advert on it's side

  10. Maybe he just laid a shitload of rubber...
  11. I suspect he's just done a mad burnout, you can see his real chicken strips on either side.
  12. lol. yeah i was more commenting on his 'flat spot' which ive been guilty of, a product of riding to work for about 5000kms. but it drew my attention more so to his REAL chicken strips on the side.

    anyway...he's on a gixxer and we all know they are posers. :bannanabutt:

    ps - lol, i the KFC bus advert is actually funny in respect!!
  13. Exactly....
  14. Yay for gixxer-strips.
  15. My old dual compound tyre looked a bit like that under certain light.
  16. Did you suspect that just after I said it on the post before you posted?
  17. the real chicken strips are still nothing to be proud of.

    same with the shoes.
  18. Is burn-out one word or two?
  19. That tyre's nothing. Mine resembled a car radial before I replaced them. My ride to work consists of 3 corners, two of which are roundabouts, the other is a slight sweeper which can only be taken at 80 km/h.

    I was running Pilot Roads at the time. I now have Pilot Road 2s (dual compound). Hopefully they'll fare a bit better (11,000km).
  20. In the words of Chef, "Simultaneous Lovin"

    Synchronicity & all that.

    Burn-out is two words unless you hyphenate it. Then it's two words with a hyphen :wink: