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VIC Worst (BEST) Decision ever!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Silverrr3D, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Just got back from Winton Raceway in Victoria and needless to say " I WANT TO RACE".
    It was finals championship for multiple series, First time ever being to a race track.
    Really enjoyed watching the races. The Sight, Sounds and Smells. It had me having chills down my spine and wanting to be out there. I previous wanted to get on the track to practice anyway but going has just pushed me over the edge and wanting it really really bad but alas... $$$
    Racing is in my blood, I know it.
    So my future goals are to hopefully build a track bike or even track my current and see how it goes then with enough practice hit races hopefully. Big dreams, Big bucks & skills needed but I am so determined after today.

    How much do you like racing, Track days or track builds? Share you stuff.
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  2. Track days are awesome. If u get in the right group it's a challenge getting up behind a rider going similar pace to yourself and trying to pass them. It's as close to a real race as I can afford
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  3. My advice do a stack of track days to start with.
    Champions Ride days run them at Broadford pretty often.
    If your going down the racing path then I would recommend buying a bike thats already set up.
    Race glass, engine protection and lock wiring can be costly even if your buying second hand stuff.
    If you go to a club day you will see that you dont need a 1000 or 600. In fact lots of racers tend to ride smaller or older bikes.
    This helps keep the cost down, both with purchase price and tyres.
    Pick a bike thats pretty common so you can find spares if the time comes.
    Good luck, have fun!
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  4. That was very diplomatic Mick :whistle:
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  5. Hahaaa. Yea well. I think everyone should be aware that riding a bike either on the road or the track may involve a get off, be it your fault or not.
    Unless your funded to fix a Ducati but a Jap bike I say.

    The good thing about buying a already set up track bike is that they often come with spares.
    Ie I bought my CBR600rr 07' with 8 different sprockets, spare radiator, tyre warmers, spare bars, levers, spare wet tyres, spare brake pads etc plus bike was set up (lock wired, race glass, quick shift, engine case protection) for $3500.
    I have seen competitive CBR250rr sell for $2200 and Im half owners in the R6 99" (in my avatar) owes us about $2200 so no need to fork out too much money for a bike.

    Budget track time I think is money better spent than on the bike itself. So many people have a 10K bike and say they cant afford to do a track day its silly IMO.
    Defiantly get 12 months of track day riding in before entering into racing class. Otherwise you will feel too far out of your depth.

    Back to the question Track days will spoil road riding for you. Racing will spoil track days for you :) My riding went leaps and bounds once I started doing track days then went heaps quicker again once I started to race. Heaps of fun doing both.
    BTW I find that club racing environment is very friendly, even more so than a track day.
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  6. Thanks for the advice and wise words. I do agree though. Owning a ducati and not having a repair bike/part bike or even another whole set up of another ducati isn't how you can to do it and really isn't cost effective at all.
    I will definitely be bargain hunting and getting a cheaper but reliable machine. Don't mind getting my hands dirty with repairs & bike work though.
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