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Worse than SMIDSY.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fekkinell, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. The YIDSYBITIWPOA - Yeah I Did See You But Thought I Would Pull Out Anyway.

    Not quite as catchy... but so, so much more idiotic. ](*,)


  2. gets much more interesting when you're in a fully loaded truck.....
  3. That is happening to me almost every day on my commute to/from work :) Good on you mate you've set up your brakes.
  4. Happens to us all. My 10 min commute this morning alone:

    2x people pulling out of sidestreets on me
    1x pedestrian (uni students :jerk:) walking out in front of me
    1x lane change on top of me
    3x abusive calls from windows as i've filtered by

    Sometimes i'll get some twat try to close the space off so that i can't filter by, then he'll abuse me because ill swing around to the other side and filter pass the alternate side. Hah.
  5. Forgotten, that is an excellent and simple vid of what a classic SMIDSY scenario looks like. You might have actually been seen but the next step of the cognitive process failed - distance judging. That's why IMO hi viz is not going to make much difference to SMIDSY. Have you posted it up in the near miss / camera/ smidsy thread?

    Snuffer - I'd be looking at your riding mate!
  6. There's already an acronym for it: SMIDGAF. You can probably work it out.
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  7. HAHA... Sure can. Like it. (y)
  8. yeah i have. seems it went unnoticed because i didn't corner too close to the centreline or hide behind the car i'm following or aimlessly stabbing the beepy button :-w
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