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Worryed About My CBR250RR Engine Please Help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattcooper, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys
    I am a complete newbie to the bile scene.
    Last week I decided I wanted a bike so I went for my Ls, and the next day Ps, I went to the bike shop and got a CBR250RR. For 3 days I drove it around for about 3 hours each day. I noticed the temp gauge didn’t work. I checked the coolant and there was none! BONE DRY!!!

    I am really worried about the bike. I filled it up with a bottle of coolant. But is my bike now damaged? :’(

  2. Is the coolant leaking anywhere? Has the coolant level gone down and the oil level up? If the answer's no to both of these, you might be alright. :grin:

    PS - We ride bikes. :wink:
  3. Er, yeah that doesn't sound too good mate.

    What can happen when there's little or no coolant is that the engine can overheat and warp slightly, at which point the oil and coolant can start leaking into each other. This can end up being bloody expensive.

    From memory you can diagnose a buggered head gasket if the coolant starts turning brown and frothy. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong there.

    Hope you escape unscathed from this one mate - there might be a coolant leak somewhere, which isn't such a big deal, but 6 hours of doodling around with no coolant at all would absolutely munt the thing.
  4. Don't forget to take it back to the shop where you bought it from and tear them a new a**ehole, too!
  5. Good thanks and you? :grin:

    Where did you check the coolant??? It's not unusual for a neglected bike to have zero coolant in the overflow.

    By the way, what part of Oz can you get your L's one day and your P's the next as a 20yo??
  6. Hey Guys
    Thanks for your comments, I will check the oil,coolant when I finish work today.

    I just called the bike dealer (mega motorcycles bundaberg) and had another chat to them. They seem really helpful and are going to check the bike out on Tuesday. They said that the engine should be fine because the air should of helped keep it cool.

    Fingers crossed the bikes okay

    Any other tips and advice would be great thanks
  7. +1

    Zero coolant in the overflow doesn't necessarily translate to zero in the radiator.
  8. I checked at the radiator. And I assumed there was none as I poored a whole bottle into it to top it up.

    I'm in Queensland Bundaberg. I went for my L's which is the written 5 Question Test. Then if you have held a car licance for 1 or more years you can go straight for your P's if you do the Q ride course that takes 8 Hours. So yeah in one week I was all set LOL
  9. Yay for Q-Ride! :LOL:

    (I was up in Bundy in early November, watching Bundy Thunder.)
  10. Yeah I no! GO Q RIDE! lol

    I was pissed though. Because if you hold your car licence for 3 years when you do the Q ride you can go straight for your R class which is 250 or bigger! LOL and i will have held my car licence for 3 years next month LOL BUGGER! oh well..
    Still hope my bikes okay :-(
  11. In that case, assuming a 750ml bottle - I'm not too concerned. The temperature would have been pretty high though.

    If it was a two litre bottle, then definitely +1 what Loz said.

    Start it up, and check radiator for bubbles.

    Get the temperature gauge fixed and the coolant flushed and replaced. While you're at it, since they overlooked some basic items (guage and water) guilt the shop into doing a full service since you've lost confidence in them.

    Matt, even though you have a P licence, you are still utterly a noob. Ride accordingly and take the time to climb up your learning curve. There's much info in here for noobs, seek it out.
  12. Hey!
    Yeah It took the whole bottle. I think it was 1 litre. So there may have been some in the system still (how much does a system hold?. Before I did all that the gauge wasn't working but then suddenly it did for a few mins and was extrememly high but not in the red zone so I ghess thats good? Thanks for the advice... Yes I am a complete newbie and am taking it easy on the roads..

    When I check for bubbles is that bad or good?
  13. The checking is neither bad nor good.

    Bubbles on the other hand - that's bad.
  14. Here's a little-known fact: temp gauges rely on there being coolant in the system. When the coolant level drops enough to no longer contact the gauge it will possibly show a lower temp, or maybe even no temp as the OP found, because it does not work correctly in air.

    I think the gauge will work correctly once there is liquid, enough liquid, in the system. Time will tell, and the OP's experience seems to also bear this out after adding coolant.


    Trevor G
  15. G'day everyone,.....

    If you had to put that much coolant in the radiator you will want to make sure you bleed all the air out of the system.

    Fill the purge tank to the correct level and then for the next week monitor the fluid levels to make sure everything is working properly.

    If your temp gauge shows a high temp under normal conditions you should have the bike looked at,no blockages in the system etc.

    You will be lucky if you have'nt cracked the cylinder head running it with little to no coolant,.....but then you could be lucky.

    If the place you got the bike dose'nt sound like thay have done a good job you should get someone who knows bikes to have a look at it for you.

    Dr Who?