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Worn Drum Brake Shoes?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sidney, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Hi

    The other day I was riding, and I had to go pretty hard on the brakes. I was pushing firm on the pedal and all of a sudden it "broke loose" if you know what I mean. Now I can push my brake pedal a lot further down and it does pretty much nothing.

    I don't really know what worn drum brake shoes look like, but I'm guessing these are VERY worn. (my brake doesn't work at all)

    It doesn't matter but in case you wanted to know the bike is a CT110 and I'm pretty sure these pads have been the only ones on there for the whole of the bikes life (32 000 k's)

    The shoes seem to be pretty much bare metal now... is it time for new ones?

    Please no stupid comments, I just need an answer. Cheers :D




  2. They look fine mate. At least another 20K left. Check something else. The spindle where the brake pedal pivots, or the brake lever attaches to the rear wheel may be loose or stripped.

    Good on you for having a go yourself! Good luck.
  3. Where is the bare metal? The photo of those pads look like they have loads of meat on them.

    The sudden "broke loose" does not imply worn pads. The sudden indicates a problem with linkage from pedal to drum.

    Sorry I am not experinced with a postie bike.
  4. The linings on those shoes gotta be about 80% .. nothing wrong there mate
  5. +1 Shoes are fine.

    +1 I'd be looking at prob with the linkages. Suddenly something had slipped/rattled loose/snapped by the sounds of it.
  6. Just found the problem :D:D:D:D

    It was the brake "arm" that the rod connects to. The arm is connected to a shaft which looks the same as a shaft that a gear lever is on. It goes into the hub/drum. (it has teeth/splines)

    Anyway, the arm was stripped and it pretty much just spins around the shaft. So I should just have to order a new one in and install it (I can't figure how to get the old one off)

  7. Is the pinch bolt still in the arm? If not that might be the original problem. If it is, you have to remove it then lever the arm off the shaft, might be a bit hard to do if its been stripped. You can lever the sides apart with screwdriver to make it easier. If the splines on the shaft aren't damaged all you need is the new arm. Good luck!
  8. While you've got the drum apart, it wouldn't hurt to service the pivot shaft.

    The actuating arm can be removed by undoing the bolt and removing it completely. It locates on a groove in the lower part of the splined shaft so even if the nut is loose the bolt will prevent the lever pulling off the shaft.
    It shouldn't be necessary to prise the ends of the lever apart, but as yours is damaged, you might have to.

    Not sure how old your brake shoes are, but if they're old enough they may contain Asbestos. Obviously, avoid breathing it in and don't use an air line.