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World's worst jobs thorugh the ages.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Apr 13, 2005.

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  2. And of course it would have to feature Baldrick being a British thing. Perfect man for the job.
  3. Did the quiz, got a score of 90, says I should be suited to the following:
    You’re bold as brass and brave as a lion, but not such a messy pup. You might be prepared to cope with being an Arming squire with its potential for you becoming a knight, but you’re actually ideally suited to some of the high-risk worst jobs such as Topman, Powder monkey, fish-fingered Viking sailor/warrior, outnumbered Riding officer, Petardier's assistant or even Guillemot-egg collector.

    Still reckon one of the worst modern day jobs is plumber, wallowing away all day in other people showers, drains, sinks and toilets, yucko (sorry to any plumbers out there...:LOL:)
  4. 0 to 30 No one is saying that you’re work-shy, but a more sedentary occupation would suit you, even if it gets a trifle monotonous. It’s a little messy, but being an Executioner won’t put huge demands on your time. If you don’t mind getting wet or sitting still, Bath attendant or Artist’s model might do for you. Or if you’re not too squeamish about the sight of blood, pus or the odd taste of urine, try putting in an application form for some of the medical jobs: Leech collector, Barber-surgeon or Loblolly boy.

    Lolly boy it is then :roll:
  6. 30 to 70 You don’t mind doing your fair share of hard graft, but you’d prefer not to be killed while doing it. If tough is your bag, try Sedan-chair bearer, searching for bones or cigar ends as a Scavenger, Roman gold miner, operating a Treadmill or working as a Navvy.

    As far as bad jobs in today's era, I think this guy is close to worst:
    I hate this job