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Worlds Tallest Building!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pringa8, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. :LOL:

  2. sneaky sneaky LOL :LOL:
  3. worlds dumbest scrag!
  4. lol someone's jealous :p :LOL:

    of the building... clearly
  5. Nothin there too be jealous about at all. I don't think that is a good look, it's more of an out of proportion fcuk up. Oh and by the way for those blokes that think it's great, we know a big majority of you have big mouths but c'mon guys you don't even have one big enough for that. :LOL:
  6. More than a hand full is a waste....

    And you can probably put me into the minority of males with this comment, but, that's not a good look [-X
  7. you'd need two hands for each one, and that just means you can't play with both at the same time... only half the fun and the chance of getting lost in the cleavage and suffocating :LOL:
  8. +1

    definately not a good look
  9. I thought is was more than a MOUTHFUL... :grin:
  10. I'm in need of some new pillows

    Even that guy on the toothpaste commercial with the flip top head would have trouble wrapping his laughing gear around that
  11. :LOL:

    I wouldn't mind a bit more, but at least I don't get back pain :p
  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    i think i just peed a little bit...

    and i agree its too much/not a good look. i never said it was in the first place :wink:
  13. triway is right but to much is a waste i am a fan of a little bigger than your hand is perfect. mm i love the missus's "assets"
  14. My hands are bigger than my mouth (usually anyway :oops: )
  15. Come on boys, youd give it a crack (or have in the past!). Just for the sheer novelty factor!
  16. Nah I'd only be interested in her mind

    who am I kidding, at worst I'd prop her up and use her as a bean bag and watch the footy.
  17. nibor wrote

    fun-times-4-all wrote

    it wouldnt be my taste in woman if i were a fella

    anywho, nibors right, i am jeolous :cry: i ve got an amputated foot, disfigured thigh, and disfigured right booby but cant come close to the freak in that picture!

    oh well, at least i tried :cool:
  18. what is freaky about her, so she has big boobs so what? maybe she hates them herself and is saving for a reduction to lessen the strain on her back, maybe she paid to have em maid that big, who knows and who cares

    but if she offered i certainly wouldnt refuse (but then again i am an arse man)
  19. slugie, i think they could look close enough to an ar$e for you.
  20. maybe you should take a pic of yourself, and we'll compare them??
    :worthlesspics: :wink: