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World's Steepest Roller Coaster

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grange, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. A JAPANESE theme park is getting ready to unveil the world's steepest roller coaster, with a 121 degree incline and speeds of 100 kilometres per hour.

    The ride, which cost a whopping $40 million to build, is found at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Yamanash, and has been named 'Takabisha' - which means 'dominant' in English.

    According to The Daily Mail, Takabisha, which has Mt Fuji as a backdrop, is set to open on July 16 this year.

    It's packed with jaw-dropping features including seven twists, blackened tunnels and a 43 metre high peak. But the most impressive thing about Takabisha is the freefall at 121 degrees, which is so steep it's Guinness Book of Records-worthy.

    Relying on a combination of gravity and a set of linear motors attached to the cars, you'll be strapped in and flung down the incline at 100 km/h, experiencing a feeling of weightlessness as you go.

    The current Guinness World Record-holding roller coaster is the UK's Mumbo Jumbo ride at Flamingoland in Yorkshire. This ride has held the title of "The World's Steepest Roller Coaster" since July 2009, but with an incline of just 112 degrees, Takabisha will be an essential 9 degrees steeper.

    Once the ride has been certified, it will be the 14th Guinness World Record set by Fuji-Q, which is one of the leading amusement parks in the world for thrill-seekers.

    When it's up and running, Takabisha will cost $11.75 (Y1000) to ride, excluding park admission fees.


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  2. I like how it stops at the top.............i stayed at walking distance from that park too when we climbed Mt Fuji......damn damn damn. that would have been such a thrill.
  3. Um, yeah. F'k that.
    The speed and twists & turns would be fun but they can stick that drop up their arses.
  4. Now that's a serious roller coaster.
  5. That rise and drop towards the end looks awesome.
  6. Google the top 10 highest roller coasters in the world,

    If I had the dollars. I would ride them all, YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, what a Buzz,
  7. Be interesting riding it during an earthquake :eek:
  8. Oh hell yeah that would be so much fun.....................................Finn the drop is the best bit, all the twists and turn gets boring coz you cant feel the feeling of weightlessness. they should have a huggggeee drop and at the very bottom have a roofed area where you can imagine your hands being chopped off by the roof :p.......................
  9. "Why is it so high?"
    "Keeps it above the high water mark."
  10. rollercoasters scare the shit outta me.
  11. Roller coasters are ok if you're 14 years old.
  12. will be doing this one in september.

    will have to convince the girlfriend, i suspect...

    if she does it without batting an eyelid, she's a keeper;)
  13. One thing I have always done when riding coasters, is that I first ride in the front seat, then ride in the back.
    It always feels like a different ride then.
    I can't imagine how much of a whip effect you would get from riding in the back of this coaster, when it drops over from the top....