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World's smallest supercharged V8

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. 100cc, electric start, centrifugal clutch and peak power of 9hp. Could almost use it in a small bike, but the target market is R/C toys. Very, very expensive R/C toys.
    Prices for the engine alone start at $5,700 - with the 1/4 scale hotrod to put it in costing $13,400 :shock:

    I still want one though.


  2. Just about the right size to power a postie.

    I wonder if that supercharger actually produces positive pressure? Air density doesn't scale...
  3. The supercharger does nearly double the output of the engine (5.5hp for the N/A version) - so presumably it's doing something functional.
  4. You're a smart bloke jd. You could always spend the next 10 years of your life building your own :D. Plenty of designs out there for the amateur engineer, although I can't think of any blown ones off the top of my head.


    Engine itself will cost far less than $5,700.
    You're not just limited to V8s but have the options of rotarys and radials as well.


    Takes years
    Requires an equipment investment that would bankrupt a small South American republic (or you build your own, which takes even more years)
    Costs a soul destroying amount of blood, sweat and scrap metal.
    You end up with an engine which, though cool as fuck, does absolutely nothing practical better than a 30 year old Suzuki GP100.

    Actually, that $5,700 looks pretty attractive :D.
  5. Hyosung could use it as a transplant....
  6. Rear wheel of a Hyo would never handle that much power ;)
  7. It'd make a fuckin' cool lawnmower engine :LOL:
  8. I'd say roots would make positive pressure until down near to molecular level of size. You're right, air density doesn't scale, but air pressure is pretty much universal (earth bound universe).
  9. Very impressive but a yz85 runs ~ 20hp. cant see the point in engineering something that complex to make less power than a smaller off the shelf item.
  10. I want one for my CBR!
    Mind you, not only would it cost 50% more than a new CBR125 just for this engine, but parts and servicing would eat a hole in your wallet.

    But super cool...
  11. At least half of anything innovative wad simply done "because I can". I want one.
  12. That is an absolutely beautiful piece of engineering.