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world's only twin cylinder scooter?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by negatron, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. First off,

    This isn't my ebay sale, and i'm not really interested in buying it.

    But... if you have a read of the description,

    It claims to be the world's only twin cylinder scooter.

    Can someone explain to me what the devil that means? And why its a good or bad thing?

  2. Most little scoots are single cylinder.

    I guess the larger Burgmann's are a 4-cyl[?]

    Maybe the claim is true.

    Wow! Maybe I should sell the 636 and buy one of these :p
  3. Nope the burgman is a twin.

    The better European scooters do out accelerated moderate bikes because they only need to be geared to do about 120 max. Once you get up to about 80 the bike starts to come home.

    I think the Italjet is one of the more respected.
  4. Hmm....1999, not many kms and a bit of an oddball.

    Wonder if it's got a compliance plate or the appropriate import paperwork :wink: .

    If not, $2.5k represents an expensive paperweight.
  5. Burgman and Tmax are both twin cylinders, but they are quite large. The formula125 are a good fun little scoot, and may be the world's only *small* production scooter with 2 cylinders. However they do require regular maintenance, and since Italjet went bust (in 05 I think it was)
    I wouldn't buy one if you paid me, cos I don't know where to get parts anymore.

    Bikes are still made under the Italjet name and styling but they
    are manufactured in India with a indian honda-copy motor.
  6. seems strange that it is for sale in Melbourne but in the picture it has NSW plates???
  7. What's the difference in rego and annual inspection costs between NSW and Vic? That may be the answer to that... When I was still living in New South a lot of my little brothers mates (he used to race 250cc bikes looooooooong before I was bitten by the two wheel bug) had their bikes registered in Tazzie or Qld because of the cheaper rego and (at least at that time - dunno about now) because there was no annual roadworthy inspection in those states...

    Is rego more expensive and/or annual roadworthy inspections more of a biatch in Vic than NSW now-a-days????
  8. thats a good point Jean-Luc.

    Theres heaps of cars around here with QLD rego - apparently something about stamp duty being heaps lower there too.
  9. Did anybody notice the steering on that thing? Is that hub-center steering I see before me? If yes, that's a whole hell of a lot rarer than having two cylinders.

  10. I think it may have been the only two cylinder scooter in production when it came out in about 1998. Nevertheless it's probably the only two stroke twin cylinder scooter around.

    It is hub centre steering on it. Hub centre steering is not as rare as a twin cylinder two stroke scooter though. I have an Italjet Dragster 180 which has a similar chassis but with a 180cc two stroke Piaggio power unit.
  11. Personally, I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole.

    The seller doesn't sound like he knows what the hell he's talking about and therefore you can bet it hasn't been serviced etc,. Speak to a scooter mechanic and I think you'll find these are generally regarded as a lemon.

    The Gilera 2 stroke engines, especially in 180 guise are much more fun, however (I used to own a 180SP) even they need TLC and a full rebuild at 15km is not uncommon.

    Italjet Dragstar uses the same powerplant as well, although they've got very expensive in recent years due, I think, due to their quirkiness. They're great fun tho.