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World's most expensive bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/N...18/nov1707ecosseheretictitanium/?&R=EPI-97080

    This Ecosse Heretic Titanium is the most expensive new bike on the market – with a list price that’s the equivalent of £133,000.

    The engine is machined from a solid block of billet aluminium and features a race-spec crankshaft, a supercharger, intercooler and fuel injection. From its 2147cc capacity, the pushrod V-twin pumps out some 207bhp and a mighty 218ftlb of torque, or two-and-a-half times as much as a 1000cc superbike can muster.

    And incredibly, the engine isn’t even the most exotic part of the bike. That honour goes to the chassis, which appears identical to the standard Ecosse Heretic frame but is hand made from titanium. Titanium is notoriously expensive, as well as being difficult to manipulate and weld – indeed, Ecosse had to ship in specially-qualified titanium welders to turn the exotic material into frames.

    The list of exotic parts goes on and on. The brakes are custom-made ISRs, with six pots on each of the radial-mounted calipers. All the bodywork is race-spec carbon fibre, formed in an autoclave, while the wheels, from BST, are made of the same material.

    All the lightweight kit helps cut the weight of the bike to 192kg – not a lot considering the sheer size of its engine.

    Each of the bikes even comes with a matching BRM chronograph watch, itself worth several thousand pounds, complete with a titanium bezel and an engraved serial number to match the bike.

  2. meh - I blew one off in Dandy on the Viffer yesterday. No biggie.......
  3. ugliest swingarm ever!
  4. fcuk yeah, trellis swingarms are too rare.

    I'd love to see more expensive exotica, radical and innovative... there are few true motorcycle equivalents to the rarity and droolability of a supercar.

    Moar $200'000+ motorcycles.
  5. It'd be a basturd to clean :grin:
  6. But is it meant to be ridden, or just looked at?
  7. Love to see the insurance quote! :shock:
  8. Indeed. And it's light so it would be easy to steal!!
  9. :-k, it does nothing for me. Meh.
  10. It looks like a gaggled collection of very rudimentary CNC machined billet metal parts, with no real guiding aesthetic vision for beauty or style. Even the trellis tubular welded sections look somehow incomplete.

    Gah - just look at those bar levers! Are those the sort of machining finish youd expect on a $300,000 bike? A set of Pazzo or CRG levers have immensely more attention to detail and higher quality machining.

    The rest of the parts look like they were machined by an absolute rank novice CNC machining student.
  11. I wish I had said that :(. (I was trying to think of something like that, but my brain was tired :LOL:).
  12. Same here. I doubt if I pulled up next to this thing at the lights, I'd give it a second look. At $300 grand, you'd be expecting to turn heads wouldn't ya ???
  13. ....and short in working life before fatigue gets the better of it compared to Cr-Mo!

    ......and the bikes ungly anyway :cool: