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World's Greatest Shave!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Hey guys!!!

    It might seem a bit weird to someone that i'm doing that but it's for a cause. As you all might understand from the header of the post, I've decided to go bold this season and shave my head in support of leukaemia foundation. I can't do it without you guys!!! Without people's donations and support. Ido believe we can make a huge difference together and make a gift of yet another day for someone out there. I might sound a bit cheesy and corny but hey, i just know it's in vein.

    If anyone out there is interested in sponsoring me,I'd greatly appreciate it. you can find my profile on www.worldsgreatestshave.com. My name is Maxim Buvin and i live in Victoria. That would be enough info for you to find my profile out there.

    Thanks a lot,

    Maxim .
  2. Hey Maximus, hopefully you will be able to come down to South Bank for the Netrider run Greatest Shave night which we do every year :D
    There will be an official thread coming up on the forums as soon as I organise what day/time etc :)
  3. I'm definitely in!!! hopefully it's on the weekend cause it will not be cool if i have to be at work. I'll keep my eyes open for it!
  4. It will be the Friday night of the big shave weekend :)
  5. I'm sorry but i just had a laugh when i read the title of the post (me and my dirty dirty dirty mind) :shock:
  6. Hey bud, I went to the site to sponser you & its asking for credit card details.

    I'm sure I'm maxxed out on all of em dude. :roll: :cry:

    Any other way I can do it? Unless you can wait till I deposit more $$ on me cards.. :?

  7. that's no dramas at all mate. thanks for considering. the thought counts as well :wink:
  8. well, its been a massive decision, but i am going all the way.....im gonna shave my hair this year ;)

    i support this stuff :)
  9. I did it 2 years ago and will do it again this year...did not do it last year, as that part of the year I was in a really down and out mode from not having a bike….and going into Southbank on a Friday just was a tad hard to take ;)
  10. whoa... already... completely forgot about this... when is it again...... and when/where is the netrider shaving night???

    kind of vested interest...

    see sig

    Same weekend as the F1 Grand Prix


    Walking up and down pit lane for 13 hours is far too exhausting to then go to Southbank :(
  12. We are now registered under the name Netrider.
    It will be held on Friday 16th March at South Gate coffee.
    I have a couple of queries I need answered and once that is sorted, I will post up the link for the Netrider sponsorship page :)
  13. oh bloody hell! no one from sydney to join me on clipper night.

    i just sent a pm to flippa saying 'oh dont wanna do it alone'.

    oh well.

    I'M IN!

    can i have a little mo hawk?

    i will enter stumpy, his hair is too long anyway, the hippy!

  14. Yep I'll be loosin the hair again this year :shock: :grin: :grin:
  15. I said I'd do it.

    Sponsorship details
    You are sponsoring: Mr Maxim Buvin (number: 95928) of BERWICK, VIC

    Your payment details
    Sponsorship amount: $55.00

    Thank you for supporting Leukaemia Foundation's World’s Greatest Shave.

    Your sponsorship of Mr Maxim Buvin has been confirmed, and your receipt number is: Rec45420.

    Website says $55 pays for one car to transport patients to & from treatment centre so thought
    that can be my contribution to the cause in lieu of donating blood.

  16. Website says $55 pays for one car to transport patients to & from treatment centre so thought
    that can be my contribution to the cause in lieu of donating blood.


    Thanks a lot for that mate!!! i really appreciate it!!!
  17. not shaving this year......but will definitely sponsor my fellow baldies :grin: :grin:

    planning to try to grow my hair as long as I can for the 2008 shave....if I can get it to 29cm in length I can sell it to a wig maker & use the money towards the fund raising.......thats the plan anyway.

    Looking forward to this years Shave, hope it isnt as cold as last year !! :shock: :shock:
  18. El, you are the champion of champions.

    Good job last year, ya head looked like mine.......

    Just the top bit ;)
  19. Brazilian is acceptable but ya have to do at Southbank! LOL!