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Worlds First Fuel Cell bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. More Info
    Key Components of the Bike Power System

    Motor - 6kW, 48 VDC Brush motor (model LEM-170, supplied by LMC)
    Motor Controller - Brusa Direct Current (model MD 206)
    Fuel Cell - 1kW Intelligent Energy air-cooled (2 x AC32-4Cool
    Hydrogen Storage - High pressure carbon composite cylinder (Luxfer L65)
    Hydrogen Energy - 2.4kWeh
    Storage Battery - 4 x 12V Lead Acid (15Ahr) connected in series

    Performance Data

    Acceleration - 0 ­ 20 mph in 4.3s (32kph), 0 ­ 30 mph in 7.3s (48 kph), 0 ­ 50 mph in 12.1s (80kph)
    Top speed - 50 mph (80kph) (note: ENV has been tested to 50mph ­ however, with further refinements and redevelopments, this top speed is expected to be exceeded)
    Range - At least 100 miles (160km)


    Bike mass - 80 kg (Total mass including CORE)


    Hydrogen - 99.9% purity
    Oxygen - Taken from air
    Hydrogen refuel time less than 5 minutes


    Electrical connection - Multi-core (Intelligent Energy specific)
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