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World's fastest motorcycle - 500 kph

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rohizle, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. When i get my license back, ill have another crack.

    Using an abandoned runway at a former Air Force base in Maine, Warner pushed his turbocharged Hayabusa to a new world record of 311.945 mph for a vehicle with two wheels and an open cockpit. While the bodywork has been shaped for aerodynamics, the Hayabusa's frame is mostly stock. The 1299cc engine grabs power from a massive Garrett turbocharger and has no cooling system; it runs for 25 seconds, then shuts down. At 300 mph, the tires are moving at twice their speed rating.

    On Board.

    From the Line.

  2. That is indeed stupid fast. Fan-bl00dy-tastic!

    I'm trying to imagine what 311 mph would feel like and I can't. I've been over 200 once, a long time ago, and up to about 185 a couple of times more recently, and I have to tell you, that feels pretty damn quick. 311 - that's, out there, man. Like, fantasy land - the happiest kingdom of them all.
  3. Do want. :D
  4. Apparently slowing back down is scary as hell.
  5. This one's a bit like a cricket record. The actual record is actually 376 mph as best I can see, but they are qualifying this with the expression of "open cockpit".

    Apparently having a sunroof qualifies.
  6. Doesn't look like the best tarmac to set a speed record on, I have a hard enough time with slight cracks on the road, can't imagine going 500km/h and riding over those.
  7. Only 500? must've been stuck in first...

  8. that would be ideal for commuting
  9. Yeah... scrap the old CB250, I just found myself the ultimate of ultimate commuters! :rofl:
  10. thats insane....... can i have a go
  11. that is just plain awesome....
  12. Yeah, it looks a bit like that, eh? I suspect the rear tyre is soup by that stage, and that's part of it. It's weaving around at the front but you've got to keep braking, because there's just so much runway and that's all...
  13. big deal I do that speed leaving my driveway each time I go for a ride :)