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Worlds cheapest car. Tata Nano.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mendy, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_Nano

    What is everyone's thoughts? (Apparently it will be available in Australia.(Canberra)

    About 2000-2500 USD.

    Would you get one for fun, or to really use in city?

    It HAS passed safety regulations.

    This should be fun! :)




  2. About time there was a really cheap disposable car.
  3. sweet, rear engine rear wheel drive.

    whos going to toss that useless engine and put a busa engine in!
  4. this is what happened when Tata rap ed MG and it's pretty little roadsters

    Jaguar and Land Rover are quivering in their v8 socks, because they know they're getting rap ed next
  5. Has too many wheels...LOL!! Hopefully they come in pastel colours and the obligatory idiot hanging off a mobile fone having near misses on the roads.

    it is rather cute though :biker:
  6. Oh look, it even has a shelf behind the steering wheel for laptops and other sh*t. Would have been inpartial, but I'm against it for that design alone.
  7. I wanna be the first to rice it up. :LOL:

    Rear engine, RWD, just like a real supercar!

    Imagine how sick it'd look with a huge GT wing, lowered an inch or two, with... hmm. I don't know if it'll fit even 13" wheels, letalone dubs. Might have to make a trip down to Bunnings for an angle grinder. ;)
  8. 12 inch wheels/tyres? Does any other car have such small wheels? Are they golf cart wheels? I can imagine it see-sawing on a speed bump.
  9. The original Mini Cooper was running 10" wheels, if I remember rightly. :cool:
  10. I'd buy one over a scooter for city commuter.

    However, I might give it a year or two to have them work out some teething problems. (though for US$2500, I can't expect rock reliability either... :p)
  11. My boat trailer has 10' wheels and that thing goes everywhere.
  12. Apparently the overseas versions get a larger engine, aircon, power windows and central locking. So they'll probably be closer to 3k USD.

    Still a bargain if it reaches us at ~6k. I know quite a few people who would be tempted.
  13. It's got similar performance figures as my bike :|

    I'd go the euro version. Call it my raincoat power armour.
  14. In the US it might sell for USD2500 (AUD3500), but after our government has import taxed the hell out of it, plus dealer delivery, statutory charges, stamp duty, compressed air tax, recycled rubber duty, GST, unsustainable business model subsidy for 4WD manufacturers, spare wheel levy, menstruation charges, speed camera deposit, toll road obligation, mandatory violence against women contribution, RTA dividend, vehicle registration and miscellaneous government porkbarrel fees, we'll be lucky to see any on Australian roads for less than AUD10000.
  15. Ten foot?

    And so it should go everywhere.
  16. Bimmer riders make the BEST critics
    they just somehow merge smugness and wisdom and smartassedness and subtlety all into the one post
  17. There is much to be said for small cars with weeny engines that you have to rev the potatoes off in order to make them go. Makes you feel like a real hero whilst travelling at speeds which will, generally, not endanger your licence.

    Most real minis had 10" wheels. Clubmans had 12". Original base model Ford Escort and Vauxhall Viva (ie HB Torana) also had 12". I can assure you that all will cross a ploughed field whilst carrying six pissed up yahoos and enough cider to float a battleship. I know for a fact that the Escort will still be going fast enough at the other side of said field to execute a full 360 barrel roll having put it's offside wheels into a ditch :shock: .
  18. Why is that the smaller cars get the more trouble people have parking them? For the record YUCK!
  19. this thing looks awesome from my perspective

    -- If it merges into me, looks like it may be an even battle for once to fight for the lane

    -- If it pulls out in front of me, I might have a good chance at hurting the driver... I like it...

  20. tyres falling off, steering wheel explosively ejecting into your face etc.......

    ill stick with jap engineering i think :p