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World's best motorcycling roads on Google Maps

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Loz, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. fark i knew this would come.....why mark the best roads out for $$$$ grabbing fund raising police force :roll: , imo it's better to keep them to yourself/riding mates :wink:

  2. it really isnt much of a secret though - if you think the cops dont know about the roads people ride regularly you'd be mistaken :(
  3. They probably do the same thing I do; scouring Mapsource/GoogleMaps for roads which look like they were drawn by an epilleptic ferret cartographer with Parkinsons Disease.

  4. Good Site!
  5. Thanks .. Bookmarked both

  6. yes i know they are aware of places people ride regularly hence why by putting up your fav. roads (might be a less common known road (and trust me there are some crackers which aren't talked about and if they are marked then hence becomes a regular riding road because half the riding population knows about them :roll: and then of course Mr plod will find a local dounut shop near by and you can kiss that road good by aswell.

    So i stand by my comment of not posting roads these roads.....if you want to know go riding stop and chat to other bikers and i am sure you will learn of a couple :wink:
  7. thanks - great idea - I've already picked out a couple of those rides for the weekend
  8. There's always more roads Stewy! If every great bike road is listed, there'll be so many of the damn things that it won't matter anyway.

    I see no need to guard that sort of information.
  9. thats what people said about the spurs 15 years ago.....but wait your right, i haven't seen any police up there.....oh right their in camo gear now huh :LOL:
  10. But that's what happens when everyone goes to the same one or two spots. This sort of initiative only serves to diversify where people go riding.
  11. Very helpful

  12. aaaahhh woke up with nothing to do today except ride-wish i'd read this thread about 12 hours ago!
  13. The more roads people know, the less chance of riding on the same road with them. But i am sure there are always some that we keep to ourselves. Plus different people like different things, i like to get on the dirt, but other that i know dont like to get their bikes dirty.
  14. Stewy and Loz, I can see merit in both of your POV.
    but at the end of the day, less bikes on my favourite roads means less chance a numpty is going to take me out coming the other way.
    It's only ever been the popular roads that I've come across a rider in my lane.
    but it's a two edged sword, coming to grief on a back road can mean no help is around when you're alone.
    meh, small groups + backroads with no warriors = win