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Worlds best motorcycling minds sit down to talk training.

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by robsalvv, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. http://roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=43522

    Motorcycle Safety Think Tank Recommends Improvements In Rider Training
    Mar 04, 2011, ©Copyright 2011, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

    From a press release issued by The Rider School at Howard Community College

    Rider School at HCC Convenes International Experts in Motorcycle Training
    Group vows to form motorcycle Think Tank

    (Columbia, MD) – On February 28-March 1, 2011, The Rider School at Howard Community College hosted 16 of motorcycling’s top authors, advanced trainers, and noted researchers for a two-day experts’ panel on how to reduce motorcycle crashes and injuries. The ground-breaking event marked the first time internationally acclaimed experts had been gathered and tasked to consider how to improve beginner and street rider training.

    During the two-day meeting, the group developed 31 specific recommendations for improving motorcycle training in the United States, including:
    --increasing opportunities for new riders to learn on dirt before riding on pavement,
    --an enhanced focus on student understanding of motorcycle handling dynamics (rather than just of operating controls),
    --plans for expanded development of alternatives to traditional licensing training,
    --strategies for better use of experts in instructional design, and
    --ideas for improved marketing and promotion of safe riding messages (replicating the participant’s recent successes in the military community.)

    The group then decided to prepare a report (forthcoming) aimed at influencing public awareness and public policy about riders and rider training. Organizers were invited to present the findings at the annual 2011 State Motorcycle Safety Administrators Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Last, the group decided to form a think tank about motorcycle safety to be housed at Howard Community College.

    In addition to The Rider School, participating sponsors included US Insurance Services, The National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators, and Cape Fox Professional Services.

    The Rider School at Howard Community College is a leading provider of motorcycle instruction in the Mid-Atlantic region, and one of the few schools nationwide that offers a full range of classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced rider training.

    For more information on the Rider School, visit the web at RiderSchool.org. and view the video The Rider School at YouTube.com/riderschool.

    Panelists HCC Rallies Experts

    Bobbie Carlson
    Director of Curriculum Services at Cape Fox Professional Services. Internationally, Cape Fox has trained nearly 200,000 US military personnel in motorcycle safety.

    Dylan Code
    International provider of advanced rider training in countries like Australia, India, Japan, Dubai, England, South Africa and Guam. Teaches riders and coaches at California Superbike School locations worldwide

    Keith Code
    Founder of the California Superbike School and the world's highest selling author of motorcycle riding books including A Twist of the Wrist. Retired professional road racer

    Dirk Collins
    Project Manager for the U.S. Marine Corp's Semper Ride Program and a project manager for the U.S. Military's Military Rider Program.

    Peter Hill
    Senior Safety Engineer for the U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters, Senior Executive Fellow, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

    Chris Johnson
    Owner of Washington Motorcycle Safety Training. Advanced riding trainer in England. Creator of the On Street Course, and former amateur road racer

    Andrew Krajewski
    Chairperson of the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators and Director for Driver Safety at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

    Gary LaPlante
    CEO of Motoventures, Inc, former Arizona champion and nationally ranked motorcycle trials rider, former Kawasaki test rider, and Honda engineer

    Tracy Martin
    Vice president of Total Control Training. Co-author of the Total Control Advanced Rider Course, co-author of Motorcycling Safety Foundation’s Guide to Motorcycling Excellence, motorcycle print journalist

    Jim Ouellet
    Researcher in the seminal 1975 Hurt Study "Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures.” Has published over 40 scientific papers on injury, protective gear, alcohol-impairment, and accident investigation and testified before the U.S. Senate

    Jim Schmidt
    Founder and Director of The Rider School at Howard Community College

    Jeff Tilton
    Producer of “Semper Ride,” a movie for U.S. Marine Corps motorcycle riders, and veteran professional motocross racer


    U.S. Insurance Services
    One of the nation’s leading insurance providers for motorcycle riders and the motorcycle training industry, covering all types of instruction for diverse organizations for over 30 years

    The Rider School at Howard Community College
    The Rider School is a leading provider of motorcycle instruction in the Mid-Atlantic region, and one of the few schools nationwide that offers a full range of classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced rider training.

    Cape Fox Professional Services
    One of the nation’s leading providers of traffic and motorcycle safety training for the U.S. Department of Defense. Cape Fox has trained over 200,000 military motorcyclists worldwide.

    National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
    A national nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs and interests of state motorcycle safety administrators and programs by advocating motorcycle safety and fostering and promoting the exchange of ideas and resources

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    I'm digging some of those ideas - especially the riding dirt before road riding one.
  2. It's amazing how many times, when you find yourself in a bit of bother, your dirt skills come to the fore and pull you out of the shit...
  3. +1 for dirt bike experience. It's come in handy on more than a few occasions over the years.
  4. Dirt is quickly becoming a thing of the past in Australia... Lucky Californians... :(
  5. Dirt won't be so popular once the governments start painting white lines on it.
  6. i'll be more enthusiastic when we start to see some implementation and results.
  7. I'd like to see some dirt included. If I were to start teaching someone to ride, who had never ridden, I would start with a mountain bike and clay surface tennis court - or something very similar. We'd also have an area of tar. I'd say a car-park, but I don't want white lines and pools of oil and bits of random curbing everywhere.
  8. :( I got bagged like hell on here because I made my students ride dirt.
    It's not just that you get use to a bike moving around underneath you. The freeken things just don't break. Ha ha there's my rant.
    I hope they have a better outcome than the national meeting we had at Mnt Cotton in 07 with the trainers, police and pollies.
    Once again it will come back to cost. The bloody $$$. And the States and Territories all getting on the same program. Because so far they have not. They could easily allow access to land for people to learn on in a safe way. Pad them up and they would be much better off than face planting the tar with just the jacket and helmet the schools give them. It's just plain common sense. Something committee's seem to lack.