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World Whisky Day: Saturday 21 May

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, May 18, 2016.

  1. For all you Whisky and whiskey lovers, this Saturday is World Whisky Day.

    My favorite doctor, Dr Dan Murphy has a wonderful collection of this magical medicine. I'll be definitely going for my weekly dose. ;)

    Cheers to that! (Hic!)

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  2. Oh mothers milk. I'm only allowed a bottle at Christmas However I might be able to talk "she who must be obeyed" around to allowing it for such an auspicious occasion.
  3. Request Rejected

    Have a look..

    You have to...it's after all a celebration..
  4. good job Lazy LibranLazy Libran might have to re-stock the cabinet
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  5. In the future, please refer to it as the 'Medicine' cabinet. ;)
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  7. Heard great things about this one... Might pick it up tomorrow

    Amrut Fusion
  8. I've tasted this at Dan Murphy's. Very nice...
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    Happy World Whisky Day


    Having mowed, whipper snipped, swept, weeded etc etc there is a nice bottle of Lagavulin 16yo for me to sample. :)
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  10. What's your address again?


    That's an awesome drop. Let it breathe for a bit in the glass and no water and especially no ice cubes.

    A dash of sparkling mineral water is ok but that's how I like it.

  11. Lazy LibranLazy Libran foodie trip include all of the above.requirement : extra stretchy pants hahha!
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